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Newscapecrew oneshots by Kaidensworld
Newscapecrew oneshotsby Robo-dad
Salutations, My cool Kiddos. And welcome to my 'It's us!'/team shred/newscapecrew/D-gang/and more oneshot book. A oneshot is a short story for a ship. This book was orig...
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lgbtq+ Oneshots/Short Stories by KILLMEEEEIWANNADIE
lgbtq+ Oneshots/Short Storiesby No, nope, nopeity nope
Yo just Lgbtq+ stuff you can request something.
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NewScapeCrew: One Shots!! by SashaLashaDingDong
NewScapeCrew: One Shots!!by ✨unactive✨
(Read rules down below) What the title implies! I will be taking requests from people, if I didn't this wouldn't have many chapters to this day. I enjoy seeing people's...
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_-Dying Tears-_ by sky_loves_nutella
_-Dying Tears-_by sky_is_Weird
Life isn't always as fun as it seems.....once you lose that special..that special light. Everything changes...... Everything
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Monsters by Ishiko_marissa
Monstersby Ishiko_Marissa
Nick,Cory,and Dawn are monsters. Uni,Tommy,and Jon are monster hunters. What happens when they meet?
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30 Day OTP Challenge!  by SashaLashaDingDong
30 Day OTP Challenge! by ✨unactive✨
The theme is NewScapeCrew! I have a list of 30 themes, and if I finish, I will get another one (off of google) and if finish all those, I'll get another and so on, (if I...
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News and Comits~Newscapepro Fanfiction~Book 1 by BlosomJellyBelly
News and Comits~Newscapepro Star Counter
Cory was forced to leave his old home.When he meets his old primary crush how will he react?Will the experiments being done on him affect him?
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My Savior by NSP_fanaccount
My Saviorby Sopha
Set in the "Bully" timeline, Cory Crater is at breaking point. Will the new student, Uni, be able to save Cory from his suicidal fate, or is it already too lat...
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Imaginary Friends  by IHaveNoCleanShirts
Imaginary Friends by k a i
-Cover made by my friend Wendy, it's not mine- There is an imaginary friend and a child. They're probably closer than any others, closer than the child's mother wants th...
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I'm in love with my bully (discontinued) by Newscapecomics
I'm in love with my bully ( FriskPlasma
This is a newscapecrew fan fiction and it will involve newscapecomics frozres and JonOfRiku
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RP Book by EnderGirl555
RP Bookby EnderGirl555
I'll post when Im bored and wanna rp. I would prefer no OC's that are OP or dont really fit with the fandom. (Ex: In The Crafting Dead universe, where there is no powers...
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Ask/Dare NewScapeCrew😋 {Dicontinued} by WinterFrogHopper
Ask/Dare NewScapeCrew😋 { Mystic
Cover by- @-xXPlayTimeXx- go check her out! Hello and welcome to an Ask/Dare where you determine what we do and possibly torture us. And I know a lot of people are doing...
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Ask or Dare the Newscapecrew by ButtsPieTheWriter
Ask or Dare the Newscapecrewby ButtsPieTheWriter
(Continued) (Warning, I first wrote this when I started to write, and this will be very cringy. However, I am starting this again, and making new chapters with my improv...
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The Good Old Days - NewscapeSquad Fanfic by Sapphire_Skie
The Good Old Days - Sapphire Sky
A group of good good friends must survive an apocalypse, killers and each other. People thirst for power, but what powers do the squad have that people want? To stay saf...
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NewscapeCrew OneShots by Ishiko_marissa
NewscapeCrew OneShotsby Ishiko_Marissa
Newscapecrew oneshots. Plz request things. Thx.
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The Cure To His Insanity |Newscapecomics Fanfiction by TylerArKTommrs
The Cure To His Insanity | Asymmetrical garbage
Screams, begging, his own darkly laughter. that's all he could hear. corpses, Bloodshed, chaos. that's all he could see. insane, blood thirsty. that's all he can feel...
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Camera Style~A Newscapecomics Fanfiction~ by BlosomJellyBelly
Camera Style~A Newscapecomics Star Counter
This takes place 4 years after Book 1.Cory has been returned to the real world.Shelby is with him.In his dreams.Uni has cheated on poor Cory with Ashlie .Or did he?Westo...
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Ask Or Dare! ~ With Newscapecrew and other fandoms! by TheTiredDoggo
Ask Or Dare! ~ With Newscapecrew A Dead Meme
SO LET ME EXPLAIN! This was originally a Newscapecrew Ask Or Dare But for reasons I've decieded to make it a multi-fandom ask or dare ^w^ So now you can ask or dare char...
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