Day 6:Wearing Each Other's Clothes-Zron

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Jon's P.O.V:

I woke up slowly, I didn't feel Nick next to me. Nor did I feel my hat on my head. I look around and see Nick looking in the mirror, with my hat on. I giggle and try to fall back asleep.

"I heard that Jon," Nick said shortly after I giggled. I sigh and move around in my sheets.

"Come back...~" I say with a raspy morning voice. I could see a red-faced Nick in the corner of my eye. He sighs.

"Fine," He says, takes off my hat, and puts it on my head. Then he gets back in bed with me.

"Why did you take my hat?"I ask once he faces me.

"I just wanted to, plus it would be cool to see how you look in my clothes," He responds. My eyes sparkle.

"We can do a clothes swap!" I exclaim.

"A what?" He looks at me.

"You heard me,a clothes swap, give me your clothes and I'll give you mine,"I explained. He still looked confused.

"Alright fine, we can do it," He sighs. I smile and jump out of bed.

3rd person P.O.V:

The couple took off their clothes and gave it to the other to try on. They both looked at themselves in the mirror together.

"This is silly," Nick sighs. Jon smiles.

"Hey, I think we look pretty good!"

"Hey, I think we look pretty good!"

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(Art by me)

Nick sighs once again and looks into the mirror.

"You do look pretty swanky in my clothes," Nick jokes. Jon laughs.

"You don't look so bad yourself," Jon laughs, looking up and down and Nick. Then Jon takes Nick's glasses. Nick smirks, Jon would get a headache if he put them on- and Jon then put the glasses on.

"Dizzy yet?" Nick asks after Jon looks around. A gasp was audible from outside their window.

"Take a picture," a familiar friend's voice was heard. Jon and Nick paid no attention to the voices.

"With my face?" The other voice asks.

"Sure, I'm gonna take one with my phone," the voice whispers. The only thing Jon and Nick heard was the clicking of a camera.

"CORY!" Ashlie's audible voice whisper shouted. Jon and Nick turned around.

"Oops...." Cory says, printing the picture out of his mouth.

"Take it and run," Cory says. Ashlie takes the photo out of his mouth and they run for it.

"Well... that would be Ashlie and Cory," Nick shrugs. Jon sighs but Nick kisses his forehead.

"Can we stay like this all day?" Jon asks. Nick chuckles.

"Fine," He answers. Jon hung out with Nick happily, in his clothes, with Nick in Jon's clothes. 

(Sorry this was so short,needed to post the Ask or Dare... and it dissapeard again)

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