Watt's Inside

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1. Temprare FourCarolinaC (Sword & Planet)

2. CopywriteOutrageousOlloMadMikeMarsbergen (WattPunk)

3. West of Eden - angerbda (Post-Apocalyptic) 

4. The Knights of the Crystal MoonZestyFictionist (Space Western)

5. Escape from MordicromWuckster (Space Opera)

6. At Midnight, All Beasts Shall HuntJosephArmstead (Singularity)

7. A New LifeChristopherArmstron8 (StonePunk)

8. Hardcore Honey & the Swamp MonstersAngusEcrivain (TeslaPunk)

9. CoverDavidNadas (SportPunk)

10. Distortion of a Changed PlanetSarahWeaver6 (Dystopian)

11. The Burden Through the Breach5thBeastieBoy (Alternative History)

12. Releasejespah (FanFic SF)

13. SuperhamMadMikeMarsbergen (Superhuman)

14. Voyage of the Herkermer Battle Dragoneyeexeyeeye (DieselPunk)

15. Death Garden of the Lawful MalcontentWilliamJJackson (GreenPunk)

16. Greg Goes GalacticJeffreyVonHauger (Galactic Empire)

17. The Earth Is a Dead RockAE_KIrk (Dying Earth)

18. Of Gods & CrumpetsNimrodKirkpatrick (Comic SF)

19. Emerald Warriorelveloy (Spunky Heroine)

20. A Rose from Red DustHolly_Gonzalez (Romantic SF)

21. The AstrologerSimoneFar (ClockPunk)

22. The Notorious Cooper Kennitparishsp (PiratePunk)

23. First to Last Droppainebook (Military SF)

24. All the Myths Are TrueArveliot (MythPunk)

25. Wednesday Afternoon on HMS Barnacle Goose - jinnis (Generation Ship)

26. Side Effects May Varykrazydiamond (CandlePunk)

27. The Last TravelLovelyBurns (Time Travel)

28. A Steam-Powered HeartMadMikeMarsbergen (SteamPunk)

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