Longtime Wattpadder, first-time Ambassador. My name's Mike, but you can call me Sparky or Danger -- scratch that. Better make it O'Danger. Officially, you can find me assisting with the @ScienceFiction , @fright , @WattPunk and @humor profiles.

I love to write and that's what I'll do. You might even say I live to write, if these wires that run from my computer to my veins are anything to go by...

I hail from Canada, but more and more I find myself longing for a different native land. Maybe even a different planet. This old world, she's changing.

My stories range from comedy, horror and sci-fi, to serious works that may even make you weep, depending on your blood sugar levels. When reading my stories, I recommend you always have a drink, a snack and a trash can within arm's reach--just in case.

Some authors who I feel have influenced my style(s) more than any others are: Hunter S. Thompson, J.P. Donleavy, Stephen King, Tim Dorsey, Zecharia Sitchin, J.K. Rowling, Clive Barker, Lee Child and John David Morley.

@OutrageousOllo - Writer of hilarious comedies, my one true love, my best friend, my soulmate and my Queen of Mars Mountain

@Ooorah - You can find my sci-fi stories in their monthly WattZine, TEVUN-KRUS, @Wattpad 's #1 and longest-running WattZine! And I make some of the covers for the issues

@LayethTheSmackDown - I help run the various contests, anthologies and such

@WalkingWithZombies - @Wattpad 's zombie community

@TheLaughAttack - Future home to the upcoming WattZine, LAUGH ATTACK!

Write onward, always,
--Mad Mike Marsbergen
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TK46: SAME EFFING STORY is here. Doesn't feel like very long ago, eh? That's because this is one of those in-betweener issues—still a main one, though, as per the rather solid-looking number there.T...
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What if you could make yourself God? Would you do it? And who else would change with you?
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First there was Reacher. Then there was Puller. Now there's Tugger. Joseph Tugger, a six-foot-nine sterile bookworm, doesn't have any military experience whatsoever. Everything he's learned about justice and taking...
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