Survival is key. The natural instinct and will of man is to survive and without it, mankind will perish and the dead shall inherit the Earth.

The work you see listed on this profile is mine. That means I own it. Theft of said work will not result in legal action being taken against you because I'll be totally honest with you that sounds like a fuckload of effort. However... be warned that I will hunt you down, remove your eyeballs with a culinary utensil of my choosing and proceed to fuck your eye sockets, one after the other, whilst insisting you repeat the phrase, "I do respect International Copyright Law. I do respect International Copyright Law," over and over until I finish off over the soggy, stodgy, grey mess you call your brain or until you're dead, whichever comes first. To be perfectly honest it makes little difference to me; the chances are I'll be happy either way.

As well as all work here being solely mine - unless otherwise stated, of course - it should also be noted that everything here should be considered a draft. In essence, that means that it's tumbled straight outta' my head and onto the page. I know there are typos. I also know there are plot-holes. It's quite likely that all of the latter are intentional. The typos, however, are not, so please feel free to point me in their direction and I shall eradicate them immediately.

If you ask me to read your work, I won't. I'm sorry if that sounds a little cruel but I genuinely don't have the time. If I want to read your work, you'll know about it because I'll make the time to do so.

Requesting a read-for-read, follow-for-follow kinda' deal will probably result in you suffering through a similar ordeal as mentioned in the first paragraph of this 'About Me,' section.

About Me... Hubby to a hottie, father to a furry fucker.
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AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Feb 10, 2016 04:00AM
Because it's almost Valentine's Day, @Ooorah have released a massive V-Day special featuring all kindsa' romantic-type sci-fi goodness... Wanna' check it out? Yeah, 'course you do! https://www.wattpa...
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ZEDS (Season Two) #ZEDS

Social data: 120K reads. 9.2K votes. 1.4K comments.

Description: Survival is key. The natural instinct and will of man is to survive and without it, mankind will perish and the dead shall inherit the Earth. Continuing pretty much from where ZEDS (Season One) left off, a g...

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ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

7.3K 979 264

Set primarily in Nottingham at the time of the outbreak, ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak tells the story of...

#180 in Horror
Tag! You're It!

Tag! You're It!

470 47 98

Time for a Rant

Time for a Rant

264K 5.3K 2.8K

OK so, the best rants by far - you know it's true, so don't try to tell me it's not - are back! That's...

Ecrivain's Liquorice Allshorts...

Ecrivain's Liquorice Allshorts...

4.1K 671 260

Rather than having countless short stories littered about my profile in various collections and antholog...

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Story Reading List