The work you see listed on this profile is mine. That means I own it. Theft of said work will not result in legal action being taken against you because I'll be totally honest with you that sounds like a fuckload of effort. However... be warned that I will hunt you down, remove your eyeballs with a culinary utensil of my choosing and proceed to fuck your eye sockets, one after the other, whilst insisting you repeat the phrase, “I do respect International Copyright Law. I do respect International Copyright Law,” over and over until I finish off over the soggy, stodgy, grey mess you call your brain or until you’re dead, whichever comes first. To be perfectly honest it makes little difference to me; the chances are I'll be happy either way.

As well as all work here being solely mine - unless otherwise stated, of course - it should also be noted that everything here should be considered a draft. In essence, that means that it's tumbled straight outta' my head and onto the page. I know there are typos. I also know there are plot-holes. It's quite likely that all of the latter are intentional. The typos, however, are not, so please feel free to point me in their direction and I shall eradicate them immediately.

If you ask me to read your work, I won't. I'm sorry if that sounds a little cruel but I genuinely don't have the time. If I want to read your work, you'll know about it because I'll make the time to do so.

Requesting a read-for-read, follow-for-follow kinda' deal will probably result in you suffering through a similar ordeal as mentioned in the first paragraph of this 'About Me,' section.

About Me... Hubby to a hottie, father to a furry fucker.
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ZEDS (Season Two) #ZEDS

Social data: 105K reads. 8K votes. 1.2K comments.

Description: Continuing pretty much from where ZEDS (Season One) left off, a group of survivors do what they can, and must, to survive the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

#142 in Horror


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ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

2.9K 468 161

Set in Nottingham at the time of the outbreak, ZEDS: Surviving the Outbreak tells the story of a small g...

#124 in Horror
Time for a Rant

Time for a Rant

263K 5.3K 2.8K

OK so, the best rants by far - you know it's true, so don't try to tell me it's not - are back! That's...

Getting Stephen Laid (Intergalactic MegaSpace, #1)

Getting Stephen Laid (Intergalactic MegaSpace, #1)

14.1K 1.3K 173

How do you have sex when you make an elephant feel small? Stephen, the most repulsive descendant of a b...

Hints, Pointers, and Other (Possibly) Useful Things...

Hints, Pointers, and Other (Possibly) Useful Things...

7.7K 339 117

Now before I get started with this I should probably get a few things straight. I'm not the best writer...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List