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Emerald Warrior

A Spunky Heroine Story by elveloy

Molly pushed her limp ginger hair back behind one ear and sipped her glass of white wine. She screwed up her face—had the barman made a mistake and given her vinegar instead? Hesitantly she tried to get his attention but he ignored her to serve down the other end of the bar.

She took another sip with resignation and shifted position on the bar stool ever so slightly to get a better view of the television set above the bar. Princess Leia was fanning a blaster across the screen. Molly sighed. Why couldn't she be like that? Someone who had adventures, someone who could fight, who could whip the ass of anyone who dared to challenge her with one hand tied behind her back.

Nervously, she edged away from the boisterous group of men crowding in next to her, but still managed to get a splash of beer on her jacket. Overflow from a glass being waved enthusiastically in the air by one of them to make a point. She bet that never happened to Leia. She dabbed uselessly at the damp stain.

Molly looked wistfully up at the screen again, then down at her green tartan skirt. There was a small tin whistle poking out of her pocket with a green "Encouragement Award" ribbon tied to the end of it. It would have been much better if it was a blue ribbon for first prize or even a red for second, but an "Encouragement Award" was better than nothing, wasn't it? She sighed again.

If only she'd taken up something exciting, like karate or rifle shooting, instead of Irish dancing! If she were ever faced with a band of marauding aliens she supposed she could always drive them insane with endless repeats of River Dance.

On the plus side, she supposed, at least dancing had made her fit—she could run fast enough if she had to. Even though she was only five feet tall she could outrun most of her friends. That reminded her, where was Megan? She spun on the stool to gaze hopefully around. Megan had promised faithfully to meet her at the pub so they could walk home together after her class, but she hadn't turned up. Probably had a better offer, Molly thought dispiritedly. God her life was boring! If only something would happen!


Daily Tell 22 September 2012

Hundreds of people across the UK reported seeing a large meteor shooting across the night sky.

It was seen breaking up into pieces last night, with sightings reported across northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Many people described seeing a bright fireball moving across the sky with a large tail.

Concerned callers from Antrim to Arbroath likened the lights to flares, fireworks and even a plane crash. A small pub in Antrim was totally destroyed by falling debris. Twenty people are confirmed dead and one person is missing, presumed dead.


Molly tossed her fiery red hair out of her eyes and glared suspiciously at her surroundings. Brown sand, broken by rocky outcrops, stretched as far as the horizon. Patches of low purple scrub appeared to follow the occasional gully.

She was sitting cross-legged on the sand. Her green tartan skirt was rucked up around her hips, emerald green boots were on her feet matching her emerald green cloak, and a silver sonic rifle was clutched between her two hands.

She stood up, brushed off the sand and primed her rifle. A small sound had her spinning around, almost faster than the eye could see.

She saw a stranger standing a few metres behind her, staring open-mouthed in astonishment. He was middle-aged, tall, with silver hair and dressed all in black.

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