The Knights of the Crystal Moon - @ZestyFictionist - Space Western

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The Knights of the Crystal Moon

A Space Western Story by ZestyFictionist

This Part Of The Story Is Told Through The Perspective Of:Eurolyn

As we trudge across another desert, we munch on the last of our bread. Our ship crashed a few miles back, so it was very obvious that we had to start walking. "You sure this is the place The Traitors have gotten to?" questions jfairbanks. "Of course,"I assure. "Why else would we land on this planet?" We continued to traverse the vast desert of a planet that was The Motherload. Dotted with only small towns and gold mines and maybe a even a few lakes and rivers, but all else was a vast, baking desert.

Suddenly, rocks begin to rumble around us. We look about and see nothing. And then we look up. We look up to see a giant,three masted, pirate ship gleaming with stardust rushing towards the ground. And us.

"RUN!" shouts Randomness4. But by then, we already have...

This Part Of The Story Is Told Through:Cecilia

"Are you sure you've made it to The Machine Room on the 6th floor?" asks Octavian through the communicator in my right hand as I open the door to see The Machine Room. Steam mingles with the air as the machinery set up everywhere continues working. Cranks, gears, and cogs are the most of what I see.

"Yeah, I'm sure," is my reply.

"Good, walk over to the nearest machine and turn the biggest wheel counterclockwise," he orders. I put the communicator in my pocket and begin walking over to the wheel. As I do, I ask Octavian why I must turn this wheel.

"Cause if you don't,this ship is going to crash-"

"Isn't it going to crashing already?"

"Look," says Octavian. "If you turn the wheel, it will only be a pipe in that room that gets broken. If you don't, it will be a whole lot more shit that gets broken besides a pipe!"

Well now, it was Louis's idea for getting us to this planet. I shouldn't have to be the one coming down here and doing the dirty work now should I? I think this to myself as I begin the task of turning the giant wheel counterclockwise...

This Part Of The Story Is Told Through The Perspective Of:Betty

K'vellia and I stare from fo'c's'le and over the rail down at the bottom of the ship. The crash still has enough energy to keep The Maiden carving it's own little path through terrain of the desert for at least for another mile.

Suddenly, a look of a shock and realization carves itself onto Betty's face as her eyes wander a little bit further off from the front of the ship.

"Louis!"shouts Betty as she turn towards Louis and Octavian,whom are at the Command Center."What the Hell is it now?!"Louis shouts back."Cecilia is already down there trying to slow down the energy!"

"Yes, but there are humans down there!" I warn. "Kids! And I think they're running for they're lives." "No shit lady," replies Louis. "If they can run long enough, I'm sure they'll be just swell."

The ship then comes to a quick halt. Almost throwing us all over. God Damn, about time it's finally over, I think. When Cecilia comes out from below deck, we all regroup at the fo'c's'le. Then, we climb down the ladder, retract it back up, and go to investigate what happened to the kids. Obviously, old cowardly Octavian doesn't tag along.

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