Hi! Sit down and have some pie. :)

I'm a published author: Untrustworthy (Riverdale Avenue Books. ISBN: 9781626011298). It's on Amazon (paperback + ebook), Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and the RAB site.

The power of the puppy compels you!

I write original prose + poetry; Star Trek fanfiction, inc. ENT (Enterprise), AOS, TOS, + bits of TNG, VOY & DS9. I have created over 300 original characters (not just in startrek). I write every day, or at least blog.

I'm a woman in Boston. I've been writing for a good 4 1/2 decades. Fer reals, yo'. The avatar is not my dog. I write content with all ratings and yes, that includes adult content. I'm happy to connect on Twitter (@shrinkingjes or @JespahTrekFanFI) and NaNoWriMo (userid jespah), Fanfiction.net (user name is jespah), etc.
My FB author page is: https://www.facebook.com/JRGershenSiegel

Best rankings -
Revved Up = #27 in Gen'l Fiction + #46 in Humor. Starting on March 12, 2014, this Humor story has been Featured. Thanks, Wattpad!

Other rankings can be found on my website, at http://jespah.adastrafanfic.net/accolades/

Thank you for reading, reviewing, library adding, + voting. You're very kind.
*I do not do read for read, follow for follow, vote for vote, etc. Please do not ask. Thank you.*
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Howdy Pups!Quick q - do YOU have a NaNoWriMo project on Wattpad? It doesn't matter if it's marked as 'complete' here on Wattpad.If you do (and you haven't already), please send a message to @WattNa...
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