Closing Time

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...Wow, huh? What a fantastic Best-Of that was! We had a lofty goal of thirty-eight stories and we nearly reached that mark, and it's all thanks to you writers. Each and every issue, it's because you took the time to join us in creating badass sci-fi!

And let's not forget the readers, either—there's no way in hell just us writers brought in these hundreds of reads, right!? Those of you who've been reading along, thanks for the support!

We here at Ooorah hope you'll tag along for our next venture: TK50. A milestone issue, and the biggest one yet. It'll see us taking a look back at all those writers who've touched us over Ooorah's existence, with the Ooorah crew selecting their favourite fifty stories. If you've never gotten a chance to read them the first time around, well, here they'll be. And if you've read them before, why not read them again!

TK50, 'troopers. Look for it soon!

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