Chapter 13: Rooftop

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-Solar's P.O.V.-

I went on a biobreak just to answer my mom's phone call.

"Hi mom, how are you?" I asked.

"I just call to say I miss you dear" my mom said over the phone.

"I miss you mom! How's dad? Is he okay?" I asked.

"Your dad's still in a comatose" my mom said in a very sad voice.

"Don't worry mom. Dad will be okay soon. We need to pray harder" I said in a lively voice.

"I know. Just study hard, okay? Don't worry about the hospital expenses. Me and your sister will handle it. Just focus on your studies, dear. I love you dear! Bye!" my mom said then she hanged up the phone.

I hope my dad will be okay soon. I just return my phone to my pocket then I go back inside the classroom since we have an activity today.

"Sorry Sir Rain if it took me so long for my biobreak" I said.

"You need to say sorry to your partner" Sir Rain said.

I wonder who's my partner...

"I'm your partner, Solar" MoonByul said.

I got suprised to know who my partner is. My eyes got widened, and I can't even speak any words.

"I will provide your topics now. You need to research so you can discuss it infront of the class" Sir Rain said.

"Baby, sit here beside me" MoonByul said.

I look around first, she might calling other person as her 'baby'. I shouldn't assume because since birth she was really a bully.

"Is it me?" I asked to confirm it first.

"Yes baby!" she said then winked at me.

I sitted beside her. My hands and my feet were shaking, even my knees were shaking.

"Baby, don't feel nervous. I got your back!" MoonByul said then she hold my hand.

"For Hwasa and Wheein, you need to research about respiratory system. For MoonByul and Solar, you need to research for circulatory system" as Sir Rain provide our topics.

"I love you, Solar" MoonByul whispered to my ear.

"You may go now to the library to do your research then see you after lunch to discuss the topics that was assigned to each of you" Sir Rain said.

"Come! Let's go!" she said.

She was still holding my hands, and I really don't know where are we going, but I'm sure that this is not the right way to the library.

"Where are we going?" I asked with confusion.

"To your heart" she answered.

"I'm not joking" I said then I realized we're now in the rooftop.

"What are we doing here?" I asked again.

She start to kiss me. I try to push her but she was strong enough, so I gave up.

She hold me tight while she's kissing me. I can't help it, but I started to answer her kissed too.

After a minute, we both stop and catch our breathe.

She was smiling at me.

"I love you, Solar" MoonByul said.

I felt sad.

"You shouldn't say that" I said.

"Why?" MoonByul asked with sadness in her eyes.

"You already had a girlfriend" I said then I left the scene to cry.

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