Chapter 18: The finale

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-Hwasa's P.O.V.-

"I will miss you, Hwasa" Solar said then she hug me.

"Hey!" MoonByul said as she pulled Solar away from me.

"I will miss you, Solar" I said.

"No more hugs, okay?" MoonByul said.

"Wait! Where's Wheein?" I asked.

"I don't know" MoonByul answered.

"She must be here" Solar said while looking around.

"Oh! There she is" MoonByul said as she point her finger to Wheein.

"Sorry! I'm late" Wheein.

"That's fine" Solar said.

"Group hug?" MoonByul said as she opened her arms.

"Group hug!!!" we said in chorus then we form a group hug.

"I will miss you" I said with sadness in my voice.

"Hey! Don't be sad. As we promised to keep our communication" Solar said.

"Is this everyday chat?" Wheein asked.

"Its up to you, guys! But I already created our group chat thru messenger" I said.

"That's great!" Solar said.

"Hope you'll visit us during our vacation" MoonByul said.

"Of course!" I said.

"It's time for us to go! I will miss you, Solar and MoonByul" Wheein said as she checked the time on her watch.

"MoonByul, please take care of my bestfriend, Solar" I said.

"I will. Kindly take care of your precious girlfriend, Wheein" MoonByul as she waved her hands to me and Wheein.

As we started to walk away, Wheein hold my hand.

"I don't know what would be the next chapter of our lives, but I promise to stay beside you" Wheein said.

"I'm so lucky to have you! I love you, Wheein" I said.

"I love you too, Hwasa" Wheein said

-MoonByul's P.O.V.-

"How sweet!" Solar said as we watched Wheein and Hwasa going inside the airport while holding each other's hand.

"My angel, let's go! We still have a date" I said to my sweetest and lovely girlfriend, Solar.

Before we exit, I received 1 message from Hwasa.

From: Hwasa

MoonByul, thank you for helping me with Wheein. Your plan at the amusement park was cool and effective. Wheein is with me now, and I'm happy about it. Anyway, I left my car at the parking lot. Take care of it, since you are now the new owner of that car. P.S. I left the car key inside your jacket's pocket.

"Whoa! Hwasa your the best!" I whispered to myself while smiling.

Hwasa is such a good friend.

I checked my jacket's pocket and found the car key.

"Solar, I know you miss your family now. Let's go and visit them" I said.

"Are you sure? Its really too far" Solar said with some hesitation.

"I know its too far, but Hwasa gave her car to me. We can visit your family now. I also want to meet them" I said.

Solar hug me so tightly. I hug her too.

"I love you, MoonByul" she said.

"I love you more, Solar. I kept smiling because of you" I said with all sincerity.

******The End******

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