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Please don't date her (MoonSun) by Camila_Is_Shook
Please don't date her (MoonSun)by Camila_Is_Shook
Solar always wanted to be a singer and her dream comes true when is selected in the audition. The story is about the journey of Mamamoo as a group and Moonsun as a coupl...
I Found You (G!P) by CrzyMooMoo
I Found You (G!P)by xxmoonsunxx
Moonbyul was born in a rich family, her life is what everyone's want to have. Luxurious cars, clothes, mansion, well known company and a comfortable life but for her, he...
I LOVE YOU TOO (MoonSun 🌙 ☀) - ON HOLD - by sone_moo
I LOVE YOU TOO (MoonSun 🌙 ☀) -
Born into a high class family, byul doesn't have any pity towards people other than herself. However, one particular person is enough to make her change everything in li...
[Moonsun] Motherhood by BlinkmooIC
[Moonsun] Motherhoodby Sophie
Moonbyul wants to be a mother. The fact that she is single doesn't discourage her at all. Besides, why need a partner when she has the most wonderful best friend ever? W...
Moonbyul Smuts (G!P) by ForByulyi
Moonbyul Smuts (G!P)by For Byulyi
Hey Moonbyul lovers. All of story in this smuts are Moonbyul with G!P. If you don't like it, please don't read.
Ten Nights ( moonsun ) by xxvxnsj
Ten Nights ( moonsun )by xxv
People will do everything for love... Even if it means risking their own lives...
Stella by JanaMontes
Stellaby JanaMontes
Childhood friends, Yongsun and Moonbyul follow different paths when Yongsun gets married at the age of 25. However, two years later she is pregnant and facing divorce an...
Rainfall by Chocototo_
Rainfallby Chocototo_
Moonbyul Yi. The CEO of EclipseCorp, one of the biggest company in South Korea. She's known as a cold hearted handsome woman, and she is also rumored as a womanizer for...
When The Sun Shines by Moon_star1617
When The Sun Shinesby Moon_star1617
Moon Byul was never a fan of romance. Despite the presence of her friends in her life, she never felt completely loved and taken care of mainly because she have built a...
Let the world burn  by TheFa11enNight
Let the world burn by Cactus
Ryujin is a part of a mafia...One day she met an angel and vowed to protect her.... Will she be able to keep her words?
My cutie vampire( MOONSUN FF ) by radish_for_mamamoo
My cutie vampire( MOONSUN FF )by 𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰
It's about the vampire, moonbyul fall in love with a human, solar. Because that they are different, so it would be hard to keep the relationship. What problems will they...
Desperate || Moonsun & Wheebyul by zhurae
Desperate || Moonsun & Wheebyulby ✨
Solar doesn't like her in that way and every body knows it, but she just cant help but crave her warmth and affection. She's desperate. - Intended Soleric and wheebyul
MAMAMOO One Shot Collections by Shah_ariey
MAMAMOO One Shot Collectionsby Arique
All shipping but mostly about Moonsun. Start published: 16/10/23 Ranking : #1 oneshotstory #1 hwabyul #5 mamamoo #2 hwasun #3 wheesun
MOONSUN smuts by radish_for_mamamoo
MOONSUN smutsby 𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰
Some dirty stuff going on here. 17 or below, plz be careful FUTA MOONBYUL ALERTED! Don't get too personal people, it's just for fun Sorry for my writing, I know my first...
Loved, Loving, Will Love by bubblysolar_
Loved, Loving, Will Loveby mochi
It's just all about Moon & Sun & Love, A short story collection about 🌙☀
Painkiller (Jenlisa) by skysoo0112
Painkiller (Jenlisa)by Skysoo Kim
Lisa a first-year college student in SNU she hardly got in. She is taking a Bachelor of Arts major in Photography. She has a messy life with no parents, no stable job, a...
 The 8SquAd [COMPLETED] by YooYeoniiee_
The 8SquAd [COMPLETED]by Jeorge
8 girls who transferred to Yonsei University...
I̶D̶E̶N̶T̶I̶T̶Y̶ by hadu_kin
I̶D̶E̶N̶T̶I̶T̶Y̶by Stay_Woke
"what are you hiding Lisa?" Jennie asked herself looking to the envelope she's holding. Not knowing a tear escape from her eyes. GP WARNING ⚠️ read at your own...
Change [✔️Completed ] Michaeng by strawberryjunk
Change [✔️Completed ] Michaengby Shorty
Showing your trueself to everyone is a challenge. Even only thinking about doing it, it's already a first step to be true to yourself. And compliment yourself for doing...
旧梦 by Small_Fat
旧梦by Small_Fat
作者已授权🖖🏻 LOFTER名-EW 🆔-erwei186 一个离婚前失忆的烂俗故事 (同性婚姻合法背景)