Chapter 7: Coffee date

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-Solar's P.O.V.-

The class will start in 10 minutes, and I'm so thankful that I'm not late today. However, I also feel shy that everyone is looking at me. I immediately sitted beside Hwasa.

"You really look great!" Hwasa said.

"Thanks!" I said.

I feel uncomfortable that everyone was staring at me. I don't like this kind of attention, but Hwasa needed my help, so I need to dress like this, and wear a make up from now on.

"S-solar" MoonByul said.

"What's your problem, MoonByul?!" I asked without looking to her direction.

I can't face her, I can't face the person who breaks my heart a million times.

"I just want to say sorry for what I've done" she answered.

"Okay" I said in a simply manner.

"Can I invite you to have a coffee with me?" Hwasa asked me.

I smiled.

"Sure! That'll be great!" I answered.

After class, me and Hwasa decided to have coffee in Starbucks.

"MoonByul can't keep off her eyes from you" Hwasa said.

"Nice Joke, Hwasa. It made me laughed" I said then make a sarcastic laughed.

"I'm not joking, Solar" Hwasa said.

"Maybe, she was suprised of my new look" I said in lowered voice.

"Look!" Hwasa said while pointing something behind me, so I turned around.

"H-Hi" I said in my suprised.

"Hey MoonByul! Join us!" Hwasa said as she waved her hand.

MoonByul sitted beside me. I feel my heart was jumping.

'Please don't get paranoid, Solar' as I mentioned back of my mind.

"What are you doing here?" Hwasa asked MoonByul.

"I - I was looking for a cake when I saw familiar faces here in Starbucks" MoonByul answered.

"Cake for whom?" Hwasa asked again.

"For Wheein" MoonByul answered then she looked at me.

"Wow! How sweet! Well, Wheein likes blueberry cake" Hwasa said.

MoonByul just nodded then looked at me again.

I really don't know why she keep staring at me. I feel more uncomfortable.

"Solar, can you wait for me here? I need to go to the comfort room" Hwasa said then left.

Whoa! Crazy Hwasa! She knows that I'm on the stage of moving on, and yet she left me with MoonByul.

"Are you okay?" MoonByul asked.

"I'm okay. Don't worry" I answered eventhough I feel so nervous at the moment.

'MoonByul, why are you here? Gosh! Where are you, Hwasa?' As I only mentioned back of my mind.

"I'm really sorry for what I've done. I know its really offensive, but I'm just being protective" MoonByul said.

Did I hear it correctly? She is being protective? For what? I don't get her.

"So you mean, you're protecting me?" I asked.

"Yes" MoonByul answered.

"But why?" I asked again, but MoonByul never had a chance to answer my question when Hwasa suddenly appeared.

"Flowers for my beautiful date" Hwasa said as she gave the flowers to me.

"Wow! I feel suprised. I'm speechless" I said happily, yet suprised.

"Do you like it?" Hwasa asked.

"Yes! Actually, this is the first time that someone gave me a bouquet of flowers" I answered.

"Sorry if I interrupt your date! I'll leave now. Just enjoy the rest of your date" MoonByul said then left.

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