Chapter 17: Confession

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-Wheein's P.O.V.-

No one breaks the silence between me and Hwasa.

We decided to eat at the food stand near the amusement park.

"Wheein, what's your order?" MoonByul asked me.

"Hotdog sandwich with soda please" I answered.

"You look sad, Wheein. What's bothering you?" Solar said.

I looked to MoonByul and Hwasa who was busy in ordering our food.

"You can share it with me" Solar said with sounds of assurance.

"I'm so upset with Hwasa's decision, but maybe she really have a reason in returning to Japan" I said.

"Have you ask the reason why she needs to go to Japan?" Solar asked.

"No. I can't... I'm scared to know" I answered.

"Are you scared to know that she will leave you because of her other priorities? Or are you scared she might find someone else?" Solar asked.

"Both" I answered.

"You need to tell her that you are scared to lose her again. She needs to know that you can't afford to see her with someone else" Solar said then she winked.

"Here's your hotdog sandwich with soda" MoonByul said as she handed it to me.

"Thanks!" I said.

"You need to say thank you to Hwasa. She's the one who pay for it" MoonByul said while eating her hotdog sandwich.

Hwasa was sitting alone on the pavement when I sitted beside her. She's busy eating her ice cream.

"Thanks for the food" I said.

"Everything for you, my kismet" she answered.

I smiled. I remember the day when she called me kismet. I never know what's the meaning of it, until I searched it on google.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked Hwasa.

"What is it?" She answered me with another question.

"M-may I know the reason why you need to go back in Japan?" I asked while stuttering.

"To study" she answered.

I nodded. I breathe in and breathe out first, before I speak again.

"I will surely miss you, Hwasa. I will miss everything about you. I have to admit that I'm starting to like you not just a friend. I like you more than a friend" I said then I breathe in and breathe out again.

I feel like melting when Hwasa stares at me.

"I love you, Wheein" she said while still looking at me.

"I already know what is the meaning of kismet" I said.

I can feel her breath. Her lips were already near my lips. I'm holding my breath now, I might kiss her.

"What does kismet means?" she asked.

"It means soulmate" I answered.

"Correct! Your my soulmate, Wheein" Hwasa said.

"Your my soulmate too, Hwasa! Please don't leave me. I'm really scared to lose you again" I said then I kissed her.

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