Chapter 3: The Ugly Duckling

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-Hwasa's P.O.V.-

MoonByul and Wheein were very sweet to each other, and it kills me to see them happily inlove.

"Are you done with your homework?" Solar asked.

"Yes. I'm done" I answered. 'But I'm not yet done with MoonByul' as I said to myself.

"Are you done?" I asked Solar.

"Yes!" Solar answered but she went back writing.

"You said that you're done with your assignment. How come you still writing" I said in astonished.

"Yes, I'm done with my homework but not yet done with Moo--" she never finished her statement when Sir Joong Ki came in.

Sir Joong Ki is our Math Teacher. He is very handsome and smart. Many girls in this school admires Sir Joong Ki.

"Can you please give this notebook to MoonByul?" Solar said.

I took the notebook from her and gave it to MoonByul.

"You're done with MoonByul's assignment?" I asked Solar.

She only nodded.

We're both inlove. I'm secretly inlove with Wheein, and she is secrectly inlove with MoonByul.

I started to write on a small paper and give it to Solar.

She took the small paper and read it. Her eyes got widened. But she wrote back and returned the small paper to me.

I read it then I'm so happy with her answer.

I didn't know that my action caught Sir Joong Ki's attention. He called my name twice.

"Yes, Sir Joong Ki?" I asked.

"You were busy in giving a small note to Solar" Sir Joong Ki said.

I smiled to Sir Joong Ki.

"I asked her if we can have a coffee later" I said but it was only my alibi.

"No dude! You're kidding us! No one likes Solar! She is definitely an ugly duckling!" MoonByul said then everyone laughed except me, Sir Joong Ki, and Solar.

"Well, for me, Solar is unique. Maybe she had a weird taste on her style and dress, but for me, she is beautiful inside and out" I said that makes everyone stopped laughing.

"Dude, are you blind? Look at her! She's ugly!!!" Moonbyul said then everyone started to laughed again.

"Stop MoonByul. That was offensive!!!" Sir Joong Ki said.

"I know that I'm ugly and no one likes me! But I'm still a person who gets hurt from all of your offensive words!!!" Solar said in crying.

She walked out from our class. I looked to MoonByul if she felt guilty, but she was happy like nothing happened.

"Sir Joong Ki, apologized for what happened earlier. Solar didn't mean to walked out without any reason..." I haven't finished my statement when MoonByul butts in.

"Dude, that's enough! She is not worth of your time" MoonByul said.

"MoonByul, we will talk later after class" Sir Joong Ki said to MoonByul.

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