Chapter 4: The total transformation

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-Hwasa's P.O.V.-

After my math class, I went to school statue to check if Solar was there, and I found her. She was talking to the school statue while crying. She looked devastated and sad.

I sitted beside her and lend my handkerchief again.

"Please go!" She said without looking to me.

I hold her hand.

"Let's go!" I said.

"Where?" She asked.

"We will go to the mall" I answered. "Let's go" I added.

She nodded but still wondering why.

She followed me to the car park, and we went to the mall.

"Let's eat first. My treat" I said.

We eat in Peri Peri restaurant. We just eat in silence. No one breaks the silence between us.

After that, we went to department store. That's the time Solar breaks the silence.

"What are we doing here?" She asked.

"To buy you some new clothes" I answered.

"But I still have lots of clothes..." She hadn't finished her statement because I gave hand signal to the sales ladies.

"Please help her and find a new wear that would really fit on her" as I instructed to the sales ladies.

"Okay, young lady, Hwasa" they said in chorus.

They pulled Solar inside the fitting room to try different clothes.

All the latest and fashionable statement fits on her. But her thick and big eye glasses don't fit on, so we went to the Eyeglasses Botique.

"Please recommend us which eyeglasses that would fit to her clothes" I said to the sales lady.

"I would recommed this eyeglasses" sales lady said as she gave me the eyeglasses. "I also suggest these contact lens" she added.

"Solar, please try these contact lens" I said to Solar.

"Before she proceed, we must checked her eyes first" the opthamologist said.

The opthamologist checked Solar's eye before she tried on the contact lens.

"Please make sure to remove the contact lens before you sleep" Opthamologist adviced to Solar as I pay it to the counter.

Solar nodded with a big smile on her face. I looked down, and made me realized that she is wearing an old rubbershoes.

"Thank you, Hwasa! Thank you!" Solar said.

"Don't thanked me. We're not done yet" I said.

We went back to the department store, I made her to choose what type of shoes and sandals that she would love to wear. But her taste on fashion wasn't really good, so I make some suggestion. Good for Solar that she take my suggestion and this time, she choose the right pair of sandal and shoes.

She was sad when I threw her old rubbershoes to the trashcan. She don't have any choice, if she insist to keep her old rubbershoes, she must pay me  double the price.

We're now inside the parlor. I instructed the hairstylist, and the beautician to make Solar turned into a beautiful swan.

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