Chapter 12: Unconceivable

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-Wheein's P.O.V.-

I kinda feel jealous after I saw Hwasa and Solar holding each other hands. But why? I'm sure that I'm inlove with MoonByul. But why I can't stop thinking about Hwasa?

I checked the time from my watch, and I realized that I am late for my class.

I run very fast to reached the classroom. Gladly, Sir Rain wasn't there yet. I sitted beside MoonByul who look sad today.

"Why do you look so sad?" I asked.

"I saw Solar and Hwasa hugging each other" MoonByul answered without any hesitation that she was talking to her girlfriend.

She was really unbelievable, but my feelings is also unconceivable. After what I heard from MoonByul, I'm gettin' more jealous.

"Sorry class, I'm late today. I had an emergency to attend earlier, so let's start now" Sir Rain said as he entered the classroom and put his things on the table. "We have an activity today, and this activity should be working together" he added.

"Is that a group activity, Sir Rain?" asked by one of our classmates.

"Well, this activity is for two individuals only" Sir Rain said as he distribute the paper to each of us.

"On that paper is part of your activity. Each of you will do a research then you need to discuss it with your partner" as Sir Rain discuss about the activity.

"What you've got there?" MoonByul asked.

"Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik!" as I checked what's on my paper that made me more confused.

"Two of you has the same title of the song. The person who got the same title will be your partner, then wait for my instruction" Sir Rain said.

"I got Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik" Hwasa said while looking for her partner.

Did I hear it correctly? She got the same song? No way!!! This can't be true.

"Can we exchange our paper?" I asked MoonByul that Sir Rain heard me.

"No exchange paper! Don't worry! You will not perform the song, and definitely it will NOT be your TOPIC" Sir Rain said.

"Sorry" MoonByul said.

"That's fine" I said then I sitted beside Hwasa that made her suprised.

"I got the same song" I said then I showed my paper to her.

"Sorry. Do you want a new partner? I can request to Sir Rain" Hwasa said.

"No need. Why? Don't you like to be my partner?" I said in a frenzied matter.

"No. I mean is, if your not comfortable with me, you can ask for another par---" Hwasa said but I cutted her out.

"I'm comfortable with you" I said.

"Sir Rain, I don't have the same song here. Maybe, I don't have a partner" MoonByul said.

She was upset, everyone has their partner except for her.

"May I see your paper, please?" Sir Rain asked.

MoonByul gave the paper to Sir Rain, then he checked what's on the paper.

"Someone already got the same song. She just went out for biobreak" Sir Rain said.

"May I know who was my partner?" MoonByul asked.

"There she was" Sir Rain answered and he point his finger to Solar.

"Sorry Sir Rain if it took me so long for my biobreak" Solar said.

"You need to say sorry to your partner" Sir Rain said.

"I'm your partner, Solar" MoonByul said.

Solar was in a big suprised to know who was her partner. Her eyes got widened, and she even can't speak.

"Are you jealous?" Hwasa asked.

I turned to Hwasa then I look into her eyes, I can see that she was worried about my feelings, and I really liked it.
"What if I said 'yes'? What will you do to cheer me up?" I also asked her.

"We can go out for dinner, so we can talk about it. Don't worry its my treat" Hwasa answered.

I try to hide my smile by covering my mouth. I don't know why I'm happy that she really care about me. I'm not selfish, but I just want all of her attention to me.

"Then we should go out for dinner today" I said.

"See you after school" Hwasa said.

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