Chapter 5: The other side

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-MoonByul's P.O.V.-

Sir Joong Ki was discussing about pythagorean theorem when someone caught his attention.

"Hwasa" as Sir Joong Ki called her name to get Hwasa's attention.

"Hwasa" Sir Joong Ki said in a very well mannered. This is the second time he called Hwasa's name.

"Yes, Sir Joong Ki?" Hwasa asked.

"You were busy in giving a small note to Solar" Sir Joong Ki said to Hwasa.

"I asked her if we can have a coffee later" Hwasa answered while smiling to Sir Joong Ki.

What does Hwasa wants from my guardian angel, Solar? I must find a way to stop it.

"No dude! You're kidding us! No one likes Solar! She is definitely an ugly duckling!" I said in a jester way.

Everyone laughed except Hwasa, Sir Joong Ki, and Solar. She must be hurt. I will explain it to her after class.

"Well, for me, Solar is unique. Maybe she had a weird taste on her style and dress, but for me, she is beautiful inside and out" Hwasa said that makes everyone stopped laughing.

'You're correct Hwasa! My guardian angel has a weird taste on her style, yet she is beautiful, and I will not let anyone hurt my guardian angel' as I mentioned back of my mind.

"Dude, are you blind? Look at her! She's ugly!!!" I said to Hwasa.

Everyone started to laughed again. I know that was offensive. I really feel guilty about it. But this is my only way to stop my guardian angel to have coffee date with Hwasa.

"Stop MoonByul. That was offensive!!!" Sir Joong Ki said.

I know Sir Joong Ki. I hope my guardian angel, Solar would forgive me.

"I know that I'm ugly and no one likes me! But I'm still a person who gets hurt from all of your offensive words!!!" Solar said in crying.

She walked out from our class. I really wanted to follow Solar, but Wheein was holding my hand right now. I realized my mistake. My words are offensive, and I hurt someone who never let me down.

"Sir Joong Ki, apologized for what happened earlier. Solar didn't mean to walked out without any reason..." Hwasa said, but I immediately interrupt her.

"Dude, that's enough! She is not worth of your time" I said.

To be honest, I'm really irritated with Hwasa, but I know she was right. Still, I need to protect my guardian angel, Solar, from any person who might hurt her.

"MoonByul, we will talk later after class" Sir Joong Ki said.

The whole time, I was thinking about Solar. How was my guardian angel now? Did she stop crying? I'm so worried about her.

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