Chapter 11: Shun [part 2]

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-Hwasa's P.O.V.-

Wheein never answer my call after my confession on the beach house. She also ignore my text, I don't receive any text from her. I realized that I am just a friend, and she will never love me. I should accept it. Solar was right, if we love someone, and if they were happy with someone else, we must set them free.

All I want now is to move on. To move on from my feelings for Wheein. I know she is happy and inlove with MoonByul. I just regret my plan by wrecking their relationship.

From the entrance of the school. Solar called my name.

"Hey Solar!" I said.

"Good morning, Hwasa" she greeted me with a smile.

"Good morning my beautiful, Solar" as I greeted back.

"Let's go" she said.

We walked together as we hold each other hands.

"How sweet!" Wheein said but she looks agitated then she walked away.

"She was jealous seeing us in holding hands" Solar said.

"It can't be" I said in a lowered voice.

"But why?" Solar asked.

"After my confession, she never talk to me. She never answer my call, she didn't reply in any of my text messages" I said in sadly tone.

"Maybe she was confused" Solar said.

"Confused? In what?" I asked.

"Confuse with her feelings" Solar answered. "All you need is to give her time to think" she added then she let go of my hand.

"What if she will ignore me again?" I asked with hesitation.

"You will never know if you wouldn't try" Solar answered with a big smile on her face.

"I'm so thankful that I've met you!" I said then I hugged her tightly.

"Me too!" she said then she also put her arms around me.

I'm grateful that I've met someone like Solar. She is a true friend.

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