Chapter 15: Truly, Madly, Deeply

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-MoonByul's P.O.V.-

It's already too late when I realized that I'm really inlove with Solar. All the reasons I have is because of her.

I tease her everyday because I really want her attention.
I protect her because I care about her.
She was happy when I'm happy.
When I am sad, she was there for me.
When I need help, I can always count on her.
I can't afford to lose her, I love her so much.

"Hey! Stop crying, cheater!" Wheein said then she gave her handkerchief to me.

I didn't realized that I'm crying now. I take her handkerchief and wipe the tears away.

"What's your problem, cheater?" she asked.

She sounded bitter, but she can call me whatever she want.

"I hurt the most precious person in my life" I answered while crying.

"MoonByul, can we stop seeing each other now so I can finally move on. I know your inlove with Solar. I can see it to your action now. I'm just blinded with my feelings that I haven't seen it before" she said.

"Are you breaking up with me?" I asked with confirmation, I'm also hoping she would say 'yes'.

"Yes!" she answered.

"Anyway, I need to go. Hwasa is waiting for me" she added before she leave.

"You look good together" I said before she exit the door of cafeteria.

I hope that she would find her happiness as I found my happiness with Solar.

I wonder where is Solar now? I need to see her and talk to her sincerely.

I searched for her everywhere until I found her beside the school statue. She was talking to the statue.

I hide myself first then listen what she's talking about.

"I feel stupid right now, Cameron James. I don't know what to do with my feelings. I love MoonByul so much, but she's already taken. Its hurts me to see her happy and inlove with Wheein. But it hurts me more that I'm wrecking their relationship" Solar said while looking to the statue.

"MoonByul loves you too. She already realized her mistake" I said as I pretend to be the statue.

Solar started to freak out. She was scared. I laughed then reveal myself.

"I love you, Solar. Sorry if I taken you for granted. Sorry if I hurt you many times. Sorry if I made you cry. I know its too late when I realized how much I love you. Please give me a chance to prove how much I love you" I said sincerely while looking to her eyes.

I hold her hands then I kneel down.

"Stand up, MoonByul" she said.

"I can't afford to lose you, Solar. I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with you" I said.

"Stand up first then you will know my answer" Solar said with authority.

I stand up but still facing her. I waited for her answer until...

She kissed me.

Author's note:
*Cameron James is the name of the statue.

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