Chapter 1: MooMoo Academy

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-Solar's P.O.V.-

English literature is our first subject. Miss Hye Gyo was discussing about the life and works of Geoffrey Chaucer when someone call her attention, its our school principal, Dara.

"Hi Miss Hye Gyo, I would like you to meet Hwasa. Hwasa is our new student in this school. Kindly introduce her to your class" as Principal Dara introduced Hwasa to Miss Hye Gyo.

"Sure! No problem, Principal Dara" Miss Hye Gyo said.

"Wonderful! Thank you" Principal Dara said then left.

"Hi everyone! This is Hwasa, your new classmate" as Miss Hye Gyo introduced Hwasa to us. "Please take a seat, Hwasa" she added.

Hwasa sitted beside me.

"My name is Hwasa, you?" Hwasa said to me.

"I'm Solar" I answered.

"Nice to meet you, Solar" Hwasa said then smiled.

"Hey Hwasa! Don't talk to her, Solar is a witch!" MoonByul said then everyone laughed except Hwasa.

I just stay quiet after the annoying moment made by MoonByul.

Hwasa is looking at me with a big question mark on her face. But she never mentioned anything. I smiled at her like nothing happened.

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