Chapter 10: Shun [Part 1]

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-Solar's P.O.V.-

Hwasa called me over the phone. She only mentioned that we should meet up at Cibo restaurant.

I went to Cibo restaurant. Hwasa is waiting for me inside.

I sitted infront of her. The waiter handed me the menu then left us.

"Wheein saw you kissing MoonByul" Hwasa said while looking to the menu.

"What?!" I said in my suprised but I lowered my voice. "It was MoonByul who started it" I added.

"But you go with the flow" Hwasa said.

I'm guilty. She was right. I just let it happened.

"Is Wheein mad?" I asked with some hesitation. I know the answer to my question but still I need some confirmation.

"What would you think?" Hwasa answered with another question.

Wheein is mad, and she have the right to be mad.

"Our planned works! However, Wheein was still inlove with MoonByul" Hwasa said.

She was sad and disappointed.

"I understand. Maybe we should accept that we don't have a place in their hearts" I said then I reached out and hold Hwasa's hands.

She smiled at me.

"What if we try dating each other?" suggested by Hwasa.

I was shocked with Hwasa's statement. It leave me speechless.

"I'm single, your single. We're both single. I think it helps us from moving on" as she continued.

"What about our plans?" I asked.

"Its better not to continue our plan" Hwasa said in a sadly tone.

"I guess you're right, if we love someone, and if they're happy with someone else, we should set them free" as I agreed with Hwasa.

"From now on, we should avoid them so we can move on" Hwasa said.

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