Chapter 6: Beautiful Swan

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-MoonByul's P.O.V.-

After class, Sir Joong Ki talked to me about my offensive words.

"Please apologize to Solar, your words were really offensive" Sir Joong Ki.

"Yes Sir" I said.

I went around to search for Solar, but I wasn't able to find her. Where is she? I'm so worried about her.

I decided to go home and have some rest, then think of a possible way to say sorry for what I did to Solar.

The next day...

Our class was about to start when a beautiful girl came in. She really looks familiar, then I realized it was Solar. Everyone was looking at her, we are all suprised of her new look.

I got mesmerized by her beauty. She is stunning yet so gorgeous. I can't keep my eyes off her.

She sitted beside Hwasa.

"You really look great!" Hwasa said.

"Thanks!" Solar said.

"S-solar" I said.

"What's your problem, MoonByul?!" she asked without looking to my direction.

"I just want to say sorry for what I've done" I answered.

"Okay" she said.

"Can I invite you to have a coffee with me?" Hwasa asked Solar.

I hope Solar would say 'NO'.

Solar smiled.

"Sure! That'll be great!" Solar answered then something strikes my heart, it was painful.

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