Catching The Bouquet

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You were currently at your best friend Olivia wedding, you were her maid of honor. Leading up to the wedding, the bridal party never met each other. Meaning that the bride's party never met the groom's party until the day of the wedding.

They had a wedding rehearsal but everyone was blindfolded which made you think that the wedding wasn't going to go as planned.

You thought wrong because so far so good.

The brides party was being held in one room and the grooms were in the other, and when it was time for them to walk out they would see each other for the first time.

Since you were the maid of honor, your Olivia wanted you to walk out first and when you did you were greeted by a very handsome and familiar face.


Olivia always wanted the both of you to get together and date, but you knew the type of guy Nova was and you didn't want to be one of his many trophies.

You and Nova have known each other since elementary school, and since then he's been a fuck boy.

The both of you used to be best friends until he started showing his true colors and how he really felt toward girls.

You rolled your eyes at him and looped your arm through his and began to walk down the large staircase.

With you never wearing heels, you were holding onto Nova for dear life as you descended down the stairs.

"Woah babe, don't cut off my circulation" he joked and helped you down the stairs

"Oh shut up Nova!" you said as you walked toward the altar.

When you got there, you stood and smiled as you watched everyone else walk down the aisle. Every once and a while, you would sneak a glance at Nova and see him making silly faces at you in an effort to make you laugh... it worked.

As Olivia was walking down the aisle you let out a laugh which caused everyone to laugh at you. Olivia looked over at Nova and saw the smirk on his face and instantly knew that he was the culprit.

Olivia smiled at your blushing face and walked to her soon-to-be husband.

When they finished their vows and kissed, they walked back down the aisle and toward the limos to take everyone to pictures.

When pictures with the bride and groom was over, it was time to go to the reception.

After a night of dancing, eating, and drinking, it was time for the bouquet toss. All of the women and girls in the room gathered around the bride as she threw the bouquet.

It was like everything went into slow motion as the bouquet fell into your hands. A smile grew on your face and Olivia's as you both hugged and watched the groom toss the garter.

Your smile faltered slightly as you saw who caught it.

The one and only.


"Yay!!" Olivia yelled, pulling you over to him, "You guys are gonna get married!"

"Noooo we're not!" You laughed

1 year later

You and Nova have been dating for about 9 months and he invited you out to dinner and popped the question.

Olivia was right.

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