He Cheats On You With Your Sister

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You and Nova were going through the rough period that every couple goes through eventually. Fighting and bickering all day and night. But it'd gotten so bad that the both of you started sleeping in separate rooms. Currently you were dealing with a jealous Nova who saw you talking to one of your old friends from high school. But Nova being the hardheaded boy he is, wouldn't listen to your explanations.

"Nova! Could you shut up please for like 5 minutes and let me explain what happened?!" You yelled at him

"No Y/N! I know what I saw! You were talking to that dude and he was trying to get you to sleep with him!" He yelled back

"Why would I sleep with my GAY friend Nova? Please shut up. You sound dumb!" You said calmly, clapping your hands together which irritated him even more.

"You know what Y/N I'm done with your shit, I'm leaving!" He yelled

You quickly shrugged your shoulders and went to the door and opened it, "There ya go, I'll help you out there buddy!" You put your arm out to motion him to leave

He angrily stormed out of the house and you closed the door behind him and went to get something to eat. 

Later that night, you were sitting on the couch watching TV and still eating when you heard a drunk Nova and some girl coming into the house.

Maybe its one of his friends helping him in You think to yourself

You walk over to the door and are completely stunned when you see your sister against the wall with Nova all over her, they're kissing.. more like making out.

"What the absolute hell?!" You yell as you grabbed Nova's hair and yanked him away from your sister.

You looked at her next and pointed a finger at her, "You little whore! What the hell are you doing with him?!" You screamed

"Y/N I-I'm sorry I-I didn't even know.. I-I'm a little drunk, I didn't realize."

"I don't care what your BAC is Y/S/N!I care that you are basically mauling my boyfriends lips off!"

"Y/N Stop!" Nova seemed to have sobered up and pulled you back by your shoulder, but you quickly swung around and started to beat his a**. That gave Y/S/N to run off, but you were quick to pull her by her head and pull her down to the ground as well.

You took turns beating both of the drunk idiots on the floor, but eventually got up and started walking to your bedroom. 

"Get your shit tomorrow and get out. I'm through." You said heading off to bed.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm sorry I haven't been updating, I've been sick lately and school has just grabbed me by the legs and is dragging me along! I hope this was a good chapter, love y'all!


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