Make Up (Part 2)

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"Oh my god Y/N what are you doing here?" Nova asks you, pushing Nia away from him

"Ohh ya know! I just came to surprise you, but you being the fuck boy you are, couldn't wait for me to get here." You said with a big smile on your face.

"Y/N It's not what it looks like I promise!" Nia tries to tell you

You looked over at her and smiled, "I don't think I was talking to you honey" you turned back to Nova and wiped the smile off of your face, "Now you little cheating bastard. I am done with you. The both of you deserve each other. If you still wanted her Nova, why couldn't you just tell me! We've been dating for 6 fucking months! All you did was use me to try to get your mind off of her." You stood up and looked at him.

You looked at Nia and said, "It was great meeting you. He's yours." And walked out of the restaurant, not before grabbing a quick bite to eat...

You grabbed your bag of food and went back to the hotel to pack up and go back home.

6 Months Later...

You were babysitting your best friends daughter, your goddaughter while her mom was going on vacation with her husband. She'd just gotten married to a Puerto Rican man and they were going on their month long honeymoon... I've never heard of it either.. You hadn't talked to Nova since the little altercation a few months ago, and you were handling it well.

You put Leila into her carseat and strapped her in before driving off toward the store. The whole car ride was filled with the 10 month olds babbles and giggles.

When you got to the store, you got Leila out of the car and put her in the shopping cart, not before cleaning it out first. When you did, the both of you started rolling around the aisles of Target. You were in the baby aisle, picking up some baby food and some more toys when you saw Nova and Nia looking through the same things.

You were confused as to why they were in the baby aisle and why they were together, maybe they were going to a baby shower together.

You didn't realize that you were staring until you heard Leila babbling in the carseat.

"Dada dada dada..." she babbled pointing to Nova

You looked at her and looked at him and realized that her dad and Nova are both Puerto Rican and look similar. You tried to turn and push the cart away from the 'couple' but that only caused Leila to cry louder and point more urgently at the man that she thought was her dad.

You quickly grabbed her out of the cart and tried to turn the corner before Nova could see you, but you failed.

"Y/N? Is that you?" you heard as someone was coming around the same corner that you ran around

"Damnit" You mumbled quietly.turning around, "Hi.."

"Hey.. who is this?" he smiles lightly

"Dada!" Leila smiles and reaches her hands to Nova.

"No no Lei, thats not daddy" You try to say gently

"Dada?" she asks sadly before she starts to cry

You start to turn to walk away, but Nova grabs you gently and takes the crying baby from your arms.

Leila seemed to calm down as she relaxed in his arms.

He looked closely at her and looked back at you with a hint of hurt in his eye, "Is she mine?" he asked quietly, not wanting Nia to hear him.

"No. She's my best friend's daughter, now if you don't mind.. We have to go. Tell Nia I said hello" you smiled and grabbed the baby from him and started to walk away.

"We're not dating Y/N" Nova says behind you

"What?" You said in surprise

"Yea, her cousin is pregnant and she invited us to the baby shower. And the day you found us at McDonald's, we were just talking about her new boyfriend, he was cheating on her and I was consoling her. We were best friends before we started dating. I'm still there for her as a best friend Y/N"

"I just didn't appreciate you hanging out with your ex alone Nova. If I was with my ex boyfriend like I am now, wouldn't you be mad too!" You said

"Yea Y/N I would."

"So why did you do it to me?" You asked 

"I was being a friend, that's it!" he started to catch an attitude

"I'm not doing this Nova. I need to get her home. Tell Nia I said hi." You turned and walked away to the register, checking out.

When you were done, you took Leila out of the cart and put her in the car. Just when you were about to get into the car Nova came running up to the car. When he got to you, he pushed you up against the car and kissed you. You surprisingly kissed back.

"Give me another chance Y/N... please?" His forehead was leaned against yours


A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this little series! Now please remember that I try to get my imagines out at a semi-reasonable time. I have 4 other books to attend to as well as this one, so I will put out chapters as I can. Love y'all!


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