His Parents Want His Ex Back

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Your relationship with Nova's parents wasn't the best. They absolutely hated you. Everything about you. They would tell Nova that you had a nasty attitude around them when you obviously didn't, you were too dark, your hair was too kinky, and your babies would be ugly if he stayed with you.

You were starting to noice that what they were saying started to have an effect on your relationship with Nova.

He was starting to believe what they were saying.

Ekko called Nova one day and told him that his parents called him and told him that they wanted to have dinner with him. 

You were never one to invite yourself places that you didn't receive an invitation to, so when you saw Nova getting ready, you continued to clean up around the house.

"Why aren't you getting ready Y/N?" Nova asked grabbing a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

"You know your parents didn't invite me Nova. I don't go where I am not wanted, you know this." You say drying your hands and walking into the living room.

"Y/N go get dressed." He said

"No." you told him, turning your back toward him

All of a sudden, you felt arms wrap around your legs and started carrying you up the stairs.

"Nova put me down!" You yelled beating his back

He just threw you on the bed and said, "I said get dressed. NOW!" he yelled the last bit.

You gave him a nasty face and walked to your closet, looking for something to wear. You decided on a floral skirt, a white crop top, rose gold heels, a pink flower necklace, and gold accessories.

You grabbed your purse and the keys to your car and headed out

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You grabbed your purse and the keys to your car and headed out. You always felt the need to drive your own car to Nova's parents' house just in case something went down. Nova had gotten used to it and already left the house.

You quickly got in your car and drove the hour and a half drive to his parents house. They lived so far from the both of you.

You eventually got there and saw Nova sitting on his phone, waiting on you to go in. You got out of the car and walked up to the front door. Nova knocked and his mom immediately opened the door.

"Ohh my Novaaa!" She said pulling him into a hug

You smiled lightly and waited for her to acknowledge your presence.

She turned her head and looked at you.

"Oh. You brought that too." she shook her head in disgust and walked into the house.

"Mom!" he yelled following her

Your mood had already faltered as you walked into the house slowly. Nova's father was at work so he wouldn't be joining you for dinner, which you were very happy about.

You walked into the kitchen and went to ask Nova's mom if you could help her with the food.

"Aye Dios! No! Get out of my kitchen you disgusting piece of-" She was cut off by Nova in the living room


You walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room to sit by yourself.

I am sick of being treated like this and my own boyfriend not even defending me.

You started to hear conversation in the kitchen so you decided to eavesdrop.

"Nova mijo why don't you get back with Nia?" You heard his mother ask

"I don't know mom.. I really care about Y/N" you heard him say

"Please? For your dad and I? We highly disapprove of you with that."

You'd had enough and went into the kitchen.

"I am so sorry I'm not good enough for your son. I have given him everything I have because I love him and he knows that." You turned to Nova, "And for him to contemplate breaking up with me to go back with his ex is very insulting. But hey! Being here and around the 3 of you I am insulted every 5 minutes! So don't worry about me anymore. I won't be a problem"

You grabbed your purse and quickly walked out of the house and made the long trip home, calling your locksmith on the way.

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