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Oh lord...

Y'all are at it again...

Another book?

Dolan Twins?

I've been getting requests to do a book on them for a LONG time, but I just never really knew what to write about them.

So if you think I should write a Dolan Twins book, PLEASE comment a list of imagines that you would like to see, because I am honestly brain pause right now lol.

If you want chapters from other books in it I would be happy to do that as well.

So if you want a DT book, comment the chapter ideas you have.

ALSO, please understand that I have 8 OTHER books that I am trying my hardest to update, so please don't be mad or upset if I don't update on a normal basis. Like my other books I will get chapters up as ideas come to me.

And on another note, I just wanted to let everyone know that all 492 chapters of all 10 of my books have been written by me, with some minor help from various writers. So if you see a repeat of one of my chapters PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can get that shit taken DEEEOWN lol.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! I have always thought about, what if the people I write about read my books?! So the people who it's easier to get in contact with via youtube, insta, etc. (Dolan Twins, Wesley, Alex, and Martinez Twins) we should try to get their attention so they'll read their book! Lol it's just a thought, let me know if you think it's good or not.

Lol I'm actually done now!

Thanks again, and much love!


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