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Questions From "Shawn Mendes Interracial Imagines/ Preferences"

1. From @cardsmenbelieber, "Do you think that tomato sauce should be considered a sauce? Because I do. (I've been thinking about this ever since I first read The Bad Boy and The Tomboy in 2015) btw, I really love your imagines

-Hahaha random question but I love it! I do think that tomato sauce should be considered a certain kind of sauce. I wouldn't put it with the barbeque, or hot sauce. But it's something! Thank you for your support!!

Questions From "Wesley Tucker Interracial Imagines/Preferences"

2. From "What was your first book you read on wattpad?"

-I can't remember! It was so long ago, I think it was a One Direction Imagines book lol

3. From @Naynay121304 "How did you find Wattpad?"

-I don't really know! I think one of my friends told me about it back in the day!

4. From @Naynay121304 "When is your birthday?"

-November 22, 2000

5. From @TheMelanin_Barbie "How old are you?"


Questions From William Singe Book

6. From @Danny_luvs_nachos "Ik that this isn't really a question towards you but why in every imagine/preference or story they make Will is super possessive and rude? I'm genuinely confused lol, sorry if this is somewhat a dumb question I just only know the nice and funny side I've seen from him in concert and social media recently."

-First off, good question! Second, I usually try to change up the image of the person I am writing about every once and a while to get everyone to IMAGINE what it would be like if they were that way. Thanks for your question!

7. From @wonderlandian_247 " Are you ever going to do another preference book with someone else?"

-Maybe, with 8 books already under my belt it may be a minute before I do another book!

8. From @Doggydaise12, "What inspires you to write? How do you deal with writers block?"

-My love for Shawn, William, Alex, Wesley, and Sammy are my inspiration. Also, being a minority and being told that you can't be with someone outside of your own race inspires me, because I have never been attracted to my race. I deal with writers block by taking some time off and clearing my mind. So those weeks that I don't write for a long time, I just don't know what to write so please be patient with me!

9. From @Colorful_Keys, "How long does it take you to write a single imagine?"

- Haha very funny lol! I know I haven't put out a new imagine in a while, but that's because I am also a competitive dancer, and as some may know April is competition season! So I am hard at work preparing for that! I dance everyday Monday-Thursday then on Saturday! So I am booked!

10. From @__awwesome__ "How did you find out about Will and Alex?

-From their video collab! But I knew Alex from his One Dance Cover previously!

Questions From Nova Imagines

11. From @QueenKian2Cute, "Who was your least fave on the rap game season 3"

-Probably Dee, she just rubbed me the wrong way

Questions From Alex Aiono Imagines

12. From @dbtw-meechie, "When you gonna hmu on that snap again???"

-Girl you never snap me!

13. From @mia6ix, "What's your favorite book out of the ones you've written?"

-Probably Shawn because I've gotten the most love from it! And it's one of the first 3 I wrote!

14. From @unicorn4evaaa, "What's your inspo? Which book are you most proud of?"

-My inspiration are all of the guys I write about, and I am most proud of all of my books. But if I had to choose one, I would say The Assistant bc it was my first actual book!

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