New Book?!

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Alright guys... I don't know if I'm gonna do this, but it just came up in my mind. A new story! But I would need my artistic readers help, I would need someone to help make a cover!

Buut I'm not sure who I want the love interest to be, its between Alex Aiono and Shawn Mendes, so y'all let me know who y'all think it should be!

If your cover is suuuper good, then I'm willing to give them 3 personal imagines for whoever they'd like from my 4 preference books, AND a character in the book! Here's a little summary of the book that I'm thinking about.

The Dancer by: Those_prettyeyes

Mia is a popular dancer, she's danced for Beyonce, Rihanna, Migos, Kehlani, and many more legends and she's only 17. Her moves must've caught the eye of Alex Aiono/Shawn Mendes' manager, because before she knew it she was the new choreographer for their tour. And Alex/Shawn isn't happy about it at all. What will happen? Will it work?

Thank you guys so much for your love and help, let me know if you think you can make a cover, if not that's ok, it'll just take a bit longer for the book to come out! Love y'all!


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