How You Meet (Part 3)

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"Well I just wanted to say 'hey' to you before the show." he says

You start to walk away, but he grabs your hand and whispered in your ear.

"And I'm not 'cocky' babe, I just always get what I want"

That sent chills down your spine before you answered him back,

"You sound so sure Nova, but listen. You may get what you want, but I don't give what's wanted."


You walked away from Nova and went to sit in your seat in the arena. When you got there, you ignored the glares from the girls and waited for the show to start. 

When Nova came out he started rapping, looking your way many times. You decided to make him irritated and pulled out your phone, making yourself look bored. You kept glancing up at his face and noticed that your plan was working. He continued to sing louder in an effort to get your attention but it wasn't working.

All of a sudden you heard the mic drop and you quickly looked up at the stage to see Nova staring angrily at you. You made eye contact and he stormed off the stage. 

You immediately stood at took off back stage to find him, when you did he was in his dressing room with his head in his hands. 

"What the hell Nova! Go back out there and perform for your fans!" you yelled to him

"Why are you here Y/N you're obviously bored. Why would I even waste my time on you." he said

"It was a joke, even if it wasn't you should never walk away from your fans! They were the ones who were there for you in the beginning! And I'm sorry you waisted your time on me.. I'm gonna go.." You picked up your stuff and started to leave, "It was great meeting you" you said before walking out.

You went back to your seat quickly to make sure you didn't leave anything. As you turned to walk out of the arena, you heard a voice come on the mic.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry that I left so quickly out of nowhere, there's just this one girl I met today... I really fell for her.." he says telling the story of how you met

The crowd starts to scream

"But I think I lost her.." he continued

"I'm here!" You yelled and he looked over at you with a smile

He pulled you onto the stage and asked you on a date in front of the whole crowd. When you said yes, the whole crowd went wild.

A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this chapter, more to come soon!


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