He Meets Your Parents

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"Come on Nova, we have to get to my parents house on time!" You yelled to him as you slipped your shoes on

"I'm sorry babe, you know I have to look good" he said looking into the mirror, then looking at you with a smirk.

Nova was wearing a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, black jeans, and some black adidas.

Nova was pretty confident about meeting your parents, but you on the other hand weren't so sure. You're parents were pretty judgmental, and with Nova being a rapper and all... You were not looking forward to the conversation.

The both of you got in the car and drove to the restaurant that your parents wanted to meet at, walking inside you were greeted by your mom and dad standing at the table.

"Y/N! Hey baby!" your mom said pulling you into a hug

Your dad came over and hugged you and started up a conversation, forgetting about Nova who was standing behind you.

"Wait Dad, I want to introduce you to someone" you pull away from your parents and wrap an arm around Nova's waist, looking up into his eyes.

"This is my boyfriend Nova." you look back to your parents and see them wide eyed

"Umm Y/N... Is he a Doctor?" your mom asked

"No." you answered

"Dentist?" your dad asked

"No. He's a rapper." you say

"Y/N you know that we only want you to marry successful people. Rapping isn't... successful.." Your mom tried to whisper, failing miserably

"Um.. Y/N I'm gonna wait in the car." Nova said sadly

When Nova walked out, all hell broke loose between you, your mom, and your dad. You were sick and tired of them trying to run your life, you were 20 years old and you could make your own decisions.

"Y/N if you date him, we will not own you as a daughter anymore." Your dad said, giving you the ultimatum. 

You didn't say anything and just turned and left.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed!! 


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