Mistakes We Make

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     Peter was livid. He couldn't believe he had let Starr get taken right under his nose. He knew he had to find her, somehow, some way. Pan called all the Lost Boys together. "Our home has been found by Hook's men! My privacy has been violated! My trust has been violated! Something very dear to me has been taken, and we must find it!", he yelled. Slightly asked, "What is it, Peter? What's been taken!" Peter decided to tell them, saying, "I had the water witch of Neverland safely tucked into the Lock Box, and someone stole it out of my room! We must find her! I cannot stress the importance of finding her!", he growled, his heart feeling bothered. Pan wasn't used to caring for someone so deeply, and the thought of his beautiful water witch somewhere, who knows where, made him sick. "Let's find her!", yelled Slightly, egging on the boys. They all yelled their agreement, and set off, Pan in the lead, a grim look on his face.


     Back in Aradon, Starr sat at Jay's table, awaiting their next move. Jay had sensed Jafar would be looking for him there soon, and hatched up a plan. "We'll have to take her to Agribah!", he told Carlos. "I have something that will help us there! My father will soon be coming here, and we need to get moving!" Carlos nodded, understanding. They both looked at Starr, and Jay said, "Beautiful Starr, we must ask that you get back into the Lock Box so we can keep you safe! I need to travel to my homeland! There, my father has a room full of magical inventions! I will find what I need there!" Starr didn't want to be kept in a box; she made a mental note to bless Peter out for starting this box mess! "I need to go home! There's no danger awaiting me there!", she plead, but Jay just smiled and said, "I'm sorry, but we can't take any chances! In you go!" Starr stood in the force field reluctantly, and got sucked down into the box. Jay put the box in his satchel, then said, "Let's get going! You have to come with me, because I can't take the chance leaving you here! My father will crush you!", he told Carlos. Carlos quickly packed a bag, and they left, off to Agribah.

     Jay and Carlos snuck into Jafar's palace unseen. "Quickly!", he said, "We must find the portal globe! It will take us anywhere we want to go!" Carlos, a minor league thief compared to Jay, set himself into stealth mode, digging around until they found what they were looking for. "I found it!", he said, holding up a crystal globe. Jay smiled, then said, "Aww yeah! That's it!" Just then, the sounds of Jafar's guards could be heard down the hall. "Quick! Hide!", exclaimed Jay, stuffing the globe into his satchel. The two hid amongst the many trappings Jafar held, listening to hear any more movement. When the coast was clear, Jay and Carlos poked their heads out of the door, and made their way out to the forest. There, Jay opened up the Lock Box again, and out came Starr.

     "Thank you!", she said, looking around at her surroundings. "Please, I must get back home! I have to be in Neverland, or else I will lose my powers! Please, you can come with me there! I can pay you for your time!", plead Starr. Jay wasn't about to let Starr's powers deplete, and he felt sorry for her, so he agreed. "Okay, but what about Captain Hook?", he asked. Starr smiled, and said, "Captain Hook didn't want to harm me! He just wanted to have me over for dinner! It was my dear friend Peter Pan who thought otherwise and locked me in that box, for my protection, he said!" Jay and Carlos smiled, admiring the beautiful witch before them. Jay took out the portal globe, and said the enchanted words. He looked at Starr and Carlos, and said, "Take us to Neverland!" Suddenly, there they were, standing in Starr's cottage. "Home sweet home!", exclaimed Starr happily. Just then, in flew Mindy. "Starr! You're back home! Peter will be so pleased! He's been tearing through Neverland looking for you!", she said, in her little cute voice. Starr smiled hugging the little fairy carefully, then said, "Thank you, Mindy! Please, let him know I am okay! Oh, by the way, this is Jay and Carlos! They brought me back home! Mindy smiled, then said, "Hi Jay! Hi Carlos! Welcome to Neverland!", then flew off out of the window, in search of Peter. Starr made Jay and Carlos some refreshments, then went outside to her ever-burning cauldron. She still had the moon water to bless for Sethi, and got busy stirring.

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