"I Can See You!"

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     Pan trekked through the forest, wanting to rid himself of the Lost Boys. He had grown tired of them as of late. Yes, he was know for his mischievous revelry, but Peter Pan decided it was time to conquer new adventures, for he had began experiencing a foreign feeling deep inside. He was changing.
     Peter entered his nook, going up to his sleeping quarters. As he looked out over Neverland, he thought, "Maybe it's time!" Pan felt that maybe it was time for him to grow up a little. He had been feeling this way ever since he saw the beautiful young water witch of Neverland, Starr. Peter had never seen such a fetching creature. Starr was more beautiful than the mermaids in the lagoon, and Peter found himself enchanted with her.

      The very first time Pan saw the beautiful Starr, she was alone in the woods, gathering berries and twigs for her fire. Peter had been out on a night hunt with the Lost Boys, and happened to stumble across the beauty. Starr's pale, light skin shone in the light of the moon, and Pan found himself intrigued as he witnessed Starr talking to a little fairy who flew up next to her. He watched as the fairy led Starr away from the spot. Peter smiled.  He just had to find out more about this exciting young woman.

    Peter Pan followed behind, not too close, making sure he stayed out of view. He watched as the little fairy hovered as Starr dropped a few of the berries into a burning cauldron, then added  a few different ingredients, dropping them into the cauldron as well. A whoosh of smoke rose from the boiling liquid, and Pan realized that he was looking at the revered Water Witch of Neverland in the flesh. He heard her call the little fairy, "Mindy", and her smile was so beautiful, Pan found himself not being able to move.

    Starr and Mindy went inside her lovely little cottage, leaving the cauldron to burn. Peter waited behind a tree, watching, until he saw the little fairy Mindy flittering away. Pan floated closer, settling just outside her window. He peeked in and saw Starr taking off a necklace she wore. Pan could see the soft skin of her neck and a strange desire spread over him. He floated a little too close, bumping the window. Starr turned, startled from the noise. She started for the window, stopping when she saw someone staring at her.
     Pan quickly hid himself, holding his breath as his heart thumped. "Who's there?", she asked. "I can see you!", called Starr. Pan smiled to himself, then showed himself. When Starr saw him hovering, she opened up her window, allowing him to come in. Peter landed softly, bowing to her and addressing himself. "I am Pan! Peter Pan!", he said, smiling. Starr found his smile enchanting.

      "And you are the water witch, I presume!", said Peter, a devilish look in his eyes. "My name is Starr", she replied, smiling.  Pan gave a smirk, then said, "Pleasure meeting you, but I must be off now!", and he turned to leave. "Wait!", called Starr. Peter turned, looking at her. "Will I see you again?", she asked. Pan smiled, the handsome devil. "You're in Neverland! I am Neverland!", he said, then flew out of her window. Starr went to the windowsill and peered out at the night sky, Pan's shadow a spirit, flying away.

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