Entering Henry

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    Henry's fever had broke, but his broken ribs needed tending to, so Starr, ever vigilant, watched over and took care of him, nursing him back to health. Starr remembered Peter's orders to "remember to cook", and it pissed her off. Starr was more than just a cook; she was the water witch of Neverland, dammit! She would not be summoned like some dog! She would not let Peter  treat her like he did Wendy.

     Starr stood on the shore, her magic summoning Tia Dalma. She asked for help in persuading Captain Hook in releasing Frypan from his duties aboard the Jolly Roger so that he could come ashore and be the camp's cook. That way, everyone would still get hearty, delicious meals everyday, and she'd be able to tend to Henry, as well as her duties as a witch. Tia Dalma got Hook to release the young man, and Smee rowed him ashore. Pan watched from the treetop, wondering who Starr was meeting. Peter landed besides her as Frypan walked ashore. "Greetings, water witch! Remember me?", asked Frypan, happily shaking her hands. Starr smiled, then said, "Of course I do, Frypan! How could I ever forget such a superb chef?" Frypan laughed a jolly laugh.

      Pan watched the young black cook with interest, wondering why Captain Hook released him. "Why are you here?", asked Peter, causing Starr to look at him. "He's here because I summoned him, Peter! Meet our new cook!", exclaimed Starr. Pan smirked, then asked, "Don't you want to be our cook anymore?", looking at her closely. Starr touched Peter's hand, then said, "Peter, I am much more than a cook! I am the water witch of Neverland! I have people to help! Surely you don't expect me to stop being me!" Peter knew Starr wanted to rush off to the pirate laying in her cottage, and said so. "I believe you just want more time for that pirate you got laying in your bed!", he spat, flying away. Starr couldn't believe how jealous he was. She didn't have time to put up with Peter's childish ways right now. Henry needed her help, and she was going to give it to him.


     Starr entered her cottage, setting down the Mongiere tea she had picked on her table, then went to check on her guest. When she walked in the room, she was surprised to see Henry out of bed trying to stand. "Henry, you're not well yet! Give it some time, love!", said Starr, tenderly. Henry stumbled and Starr moved quickly to his side to help him. He was shirtless and his ribs were wrapped, but he still looked as gorgeous as ever and Starr had a hard time focusing. Henry himself was struggling with keeping his composure around the beautiful water witch, and found himself starting into her soulful brown eyes. "Thank you, Starr", he said hoarsely. Starr smiled at him, then said, "I'm gonna make you some tea! I'll be right back!" Henry smiled at Starr, watching her leave the room. He looked around at his surroundings, marveling at the cottage's decor.

    Soon, Starr reemerged, holding a tray with a teapot and a cup and saucer. On the side lay a sandwich of turkey, just in case Henry got hungry. When he noticed Starr coming back, Henry tried to sit up straight, but the pain from his cracked ribs was so great, he made a little yelping sound. Starr felt bad for him, and said, "Drink this! This tea has been in my family for ages! It will help ease the pain!" Henry took the cup and drank from it, the bitterness of the herbs and the sweetness of the honey doing amazing things. He looked up at Starr and said, "Thank you", as she smiled at him tenderly. "Are you hungry?", she asked, pushing the sandwich towards him. Henry graciously accepted the meal, and took a bite, watching Starr. "I hope that having a pirate in your home isn't too compromising!", he said, a sorry look upon his face. Starr felt compelled to touch him, and she did. She placed her hand on his face and said, "You needn't worry! All are welcome in this house! Besides, my father was a pirate, and I bear no ill will against any!"

     At hearing this, Henry sat up a little more, asking, "Your father was a pirate?" Starr sat comfortably next to Henry on the bed, and said, "Yes. My father was Jean Lafitte, out of New Orleans. My mother's name was Marie, and she had great power! She was a seer, and a Voodoo witch! Her love for the sea is what attracted her to Jean...he went to her for a charm to protect him on his journeys and they fell in love!" Henry listened on in rapt attention, eating his sandwich and drinking his tea. He studied Starr's beautiful features and declared he had never seen their equal.

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