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The Seductress by mayaa19
The Seductressby maya
She moved out of the water in all her naked glory. Drops of water sparkled like diamonds under the sun trailing along her curves and disappeared into her core. Every cre...
  • mask
  • private
  • beauty
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Phantom Portrait || Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction by elithza
Phantom Portrait || Phantom of elithza sul
Farren Battista is a wealthy heiress who is desperate to run away from the memories of her noble life in Spain. She turns to France, and moves in with some relatives (Gi...
  • thephantomoftheopera
  • originalfemalecharacter
  • phantomxoriginalcharacter
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The Popular Boys (Sometimes dirty Blesiv fanfic) by OhMyBlesiv
The Popular Boys (Sometimes OhMyBlesiv
It's your first year of sophomore year and you get to know 3 popular and breath taking boys... but only 1 of them really stands out to you... who is it? What happens bet...
  • blesiv
  • gay
  • alexguzman
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How To Save A Life: A Struck By Lightning Fanfic by Shiverpass
How To Save A Life: A Struck By Shiverpass
Carson Phillips is on the brink of despair when Angeline comes into his life. Who knew that all it took was one girl to change one big fate?
  • struck
  • language
  • mild
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A Sordid Story of Blood & Fluff by HCSaunders
A Sordid Story of Blood & Fluffby H C Saunders
Powder does not remember her real name or who she was before she came to the Dollhouse. She doesn't even remember how she got there. In a seemingly-endless mansion of op...
  • presentday
  • kpopidols
  • sociopath
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Becoming Mermaids by JamieGann
Becoming Mermaidsby JamieGann
What would it be like to turn into a mermaid? To feel the same blood flow in your fingers as in the tips of your tail? Samantha wasn't expecting to find out when she res...
  • siren
  • mermaid
  • transformation
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BloodLust by SekaiNohHume
BloodLustby Sekai wa Utsukushii
Axel's parents died not so long ago in a car crash. It is a mystery how he managed to make it out alive along with his sister. Now alone in their huge mansion, Axel and...
  • fantasy
  • highschool
  • butler
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To be determined.  by bozoeb
To be determined. by zoe
all of this is based off a true story, mine at least.
  • heartbreak
  • sexuality
  • sexualthemes
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The Party Wolf's Howl: A Jay x Reader Fanfic by prettyoddnotold
The Party Wolf's Howl: A Jay x jesus
Jay from Big Mouth takes you, the reader, on one hell of a sensual ride. Full of love, lust, magic, and quoting his dad's law commercials.
  • sensuality
  • oneshot
  • jaybigmouth
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THIRST by BlackLilith
THIRSTby Evangeline
  • heat
  • sexual
  • sensuality
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Senses by RhylleTorres
Sensesby Rhylle Torres
How would you describe it if it was you?
  • sensuality
  • filipinowriter
  • poem
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Embers of Passion by HarishVaid
Embers of Passionby Harish Vaid
“...As long as nothing happens between You and Me, our memories, shall forever be cursed with what never happened, but should have.” "When Love and Lust raise thei...
  • love
  • carnal
  • sensual
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Unadorned by SheWritesTheStars
Unadornedby faith renée
if my heart had a voice this is what it would say.
  • voice
  • unadorned
  • transparent
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The Nearness Of You. [Markiplier x Reader] by Bijouxxy
The Nearness Of You. [Markiplier Drops of Jupiter
"It's not the pale moon that excites me...,"
  • reader-insert
  • fischbach
  • markiplierxyou
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Breaking Loose by svitanje
Breaking Looseby Svitanje Sandalič
Cristina Jones is a shy student in her junior year. Little did she know that an unfortunate school accident would turn her school life over as she conquered some of her...
  • discoveringyourself
  • self-esteem
  • sensuality
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The Circus Freak - and the boy who was afraid of clowns by LeonardoBarros
The Circus Freak - and the boy Leonardo Barros
The Circus Freak tells the story of Renato, a child with psychopathic behavior who, through dreams and hallucinations, builds a mythical world where clowns are material...
  • brazilian
  • procedural
  • spiritual
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Short stories by ArtOfFreedom
Short storiesby ArtOfFreedom
  • couple
  • sensuality
HIS by MTeresaClayton
Romantic verse - HIS
  • teresa
  • sensuality
  • sexuality
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When The Apples turn green. by jspicketts64
When The Apples turn Basil Lee Jones
When the Marlin family buys a Apple Orchard in Cullman, Alabama, things seem to be looking up apart from the family's tragic past. But as they settle in and get use to t...
  • violence
  • horror
  • language
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Falling for My Wife by Erzadragneell
Falling for My Wifeby Erzadragneell
Adhi realises his changing feelings for his wife. But his mother hates her. How will their budding love survive wrath of Maasa's revenge?
  • heartbreak
  • sensuality
  • highvoltage
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