"I Think I'd Like to Try!"

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       It had been days since Pan had seen the water witch, and he missed her. He just didn't seem to be himself. He had dreamt of her for several nights, but it was his last dream that had riled him. Pan had dreamt that he was sitting in the forest, watching the Lost Boys play battle, when the beautiful Starr came into view, her smile stopping his heart. Just then, Felix, his second in command, saved Starr from a thick falling branch, and they crashed to the ground together. The look on Starr's face when she looked at Felix made Peter's blood turn to ice. Pan longed to have her look at him that way, and pulled his dagger in a sudden angriness.

    Peter awoke then, his chest heaving. Slightly walked in, saying, "Your breakfast is ready, Peter!" Wendy had made herself useful since being there in Neverland, and did the cooking and cleaning after the Lost Boys. Wendy had once fancied Pan, trying hard to teach him new things and please him, but try as she may, Wendy couldn't reach him. Pan never fell victim to Wendy's attempted wiles, and soon, she began to despise him. Here she was, fourteen forever, taking care and "raising" kids, and living with an irresistible young man such as Peter Pan, with out him touching her. She was supposed to play grown, and be the mother, but when she began to feel grown, and longed for Peter's touch, he refused to alleviate her pain. So Wendy went on, staying as close as possible to Pan as she could.

       When Peter came downstairs to join the others for breakfast, he looked at Felix strangely, remembering his dream. "Peter, what is it?", asked Wendy, serving him a plate of eggs in a nest. Peter looked down at the mess, then looked around at the people surrounding him, wishing he wasn't there. He wondered what Starr was doing, and stood from his chair, flying away. "Peter! Peter!", exclaimed Wendy, her annoying voice still could be heard as he flew. Pan never even looked back as he flew towards the water witch's cottage.


       Starr was busy preparing her own breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and chocolate chip pancakes in her kitchen when Peter landed at her window, peering in at her. Pan couldn't help but notice the way her body was shaped; eyeing her blossoming bosom and the way her behind wiggled when she walked. Pan found himself smiling, lost in a daydream when Starr turned and saw him. "Good morning, Peter!", she called, smiling. Pan flew inside, landing softly. He didn't know how to act; ever since their kiss that night, Peter had been harboring his feelings for Starr, and being in front of her made him nervous. "Good morning!", he replied, sitting himself down at her table.

        "Would you like some breakfast?", asked Starr. Peter could tell from the delicious aromas that her breakfast would be good, so he graciously accepted, pouring the sticky sweet honey syrup over his pancakes. Starr smiled at him, then poured him a glass of blood orange juice, joining him at the table. Peter lost himself in the meal, enjoying every last morsel. Starr's cooking skill was impeccable, and Peter enjoying it very much. He thanked her for the meal, watching as she washed and put away the dishes. Peter liked the way Starr moved through her kitchen with ease. He watched as she walked into her den, then followed, sitting down on her cozy couch.

     Starr had a look of wonderment on her face as Peter sat closer to her, the smell of her perfume enchanting him. Peter wanted to kiss her again, and when Starr looked at him, he felt his face go hot. Starr noticed this, then asked, "Why did you kiss me the other night?" Peter smiled a devilish grin, saying nothing. He thought about this hard, then stood, saying, "I don't know! Something just came over me, and I wanted to know how it would feel to have your lips against mine!" Starr smiled, then asked, "Did you like it? Kissing me?" Peter smirked, his ears perking. "I did!", exclaimed Pan, adding, "I think I'd like to try, again!"

     Pan moved closer to Starr, the scent of her teal blue hair intoxicating. Starr closed her eyes as Pan put his lips on hers, kissing her lightly at first, then more passionate, placing his hand on her face. Peter couldn't believe himself as he slipped in his tongue, wanting to experience a real kiss. Starr's eyes flew open, then closed again as she relaxed, enjoying their kiss. The exciting feelings inside of Peter began to move him in new ways and he pulled away from Starr, breaking their kiss. "I have to go!", said Pan, not wanting the beautiful Starr to see him in such state. He flew off through her window, leaving Starr touching her lips in awe.

    Pan flew at a dangerous speed, flying over Captain Hook and his crew while they bargained for edibles in the forest market. Pan flew to his treehouse, entering quickly and rushing to his room. His erection was hurting him, and he didn't know how to relieve himself of his pain. Pan flew out again, flying down to Skull Cove, where he shed off his clothing and dived deep into the cool, blue waters. Being here entitled him privacy, and as his erection grew, Peter touched himself, a blinding glow shooting out of him into the waters. Pan felt lightheaded as he let himself float, a huge grin of satisfaction upon his face. He just had to know what this wonderful sensation was, and wondered how soon he'd be able to feel it again. Pan decided to pay his wise cousin Jax another visit, for he had so much more to learn. Pan dressed himself slowly, taking time to wonder how Starr's bare skin would  feel next to kiss as he'd kiss her. Peter flew off in search of his mentor, full of fiery life.

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