Sneaky Little Devil

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      Pan tossed in his bed. He was bothered inside, and something wasn't right about him. The room seem to get hotter, and the night felt sticky. Pan dreamed, seeing himself running through the forest towards the edge of the ocean, where the water witch lives. Peter took flight, soaring over her cottage and into her opened window, landing softly. Starr lay in her bed, asleep. As Peter was about to reach out and touch her, he awoke to the sound of the Lost Boys' commotion.

     "Peter! Peter!", yelled Felix, his second in command after Slightly. Felix rushed in, a tall lad, with shaggy blond hair and a blank stare. Pan raised up in his bed, angry to be separated from his dream. "Hook has been spotted coming ashore, near the water witch's cottage!", exclaimed Felix. Peter stood at the sound of this, his face going null. Starr! He had to get there and make sure old Hook wouldn't do anything to her. Peter Pan quickly threw on his shirt and boots and flew off into the forest, at high speed.


     The crew of the Jolly Roger had came down with a bad case of scurvy, and their lowly countenance had Hook on edge. When Captain Hook received word that the water witch had an anecdote to heal the scurvy, he made the boson lower the life boat, and they rowed to shore. Hook wasn't prepared at all for the beauty of the young witch, and suddenly found himself enamored.

     Captain James Hook could be a charming, persuasive gentleman when he wanted to, and used his best behavior when approaching the water witch. When Starr saw Hook and his man, she braced herself, eyeing her machete in case she'd need it. "Ah, Captain Hook! What a surprise! Do come in!", exclaimed Starr, smiling. Hook wasn't surprised that she knew his name, but he didn't know her name. He walked inside her cottage door, motioning for the boson to stay outside.

       "You know my name, obviously, and alas! I don't know yours! We are at an impasse! If only I could know your name!", exclaimed Hook, smiling, his curly moustache points rising. "My name is Starr, and I am the Water Witch of Neverland, at your service!", replied Starr. Hook took her hand and brought it to his mouth, kissing it. Her power was so great, it made his mouth tingle. He bowed low, looking up at her face with a sexy gleam in his eyes. Captain Hook had let his hair dread, and his long brown dreadlocks cascaded down like living ropes. He smiled at Starr, his gold teeth at the bottom sparkling like the Sun. "A pleasure, my dear!", he said, still holding her hand. "I am told you have the cure for scurvy, and well, me men are downtrodden with it! Please, mademoiselle, can you help me?", asked Hook, his handsome, chiseled face and beard hard to ignore. Starr felt herself blushing as she realized just how hot Captain Hook was.

     Pan had made it to Starr's cottage by then, and saw yet another male giving the water witch's hand a thimble. The way Hook was looking at Starr while still holding her hand infuriated him. And the way the beautiful Starr was smiling at him! Oh, how this made him mad! Pan swooped down, busting through her door. "Hook!", he growled, angrily, "You codfish!" Captain Hook was shocked to see the Boy Pan interfering with his new acquaintance. He noticed the beautiful young water witch's face  when Pan came in, and could tell way the way Peter was turning red that he must have feelings for her. Hook smiled.

     "Ah, the Boy Pan! A little lost, are we?", asked Hook, sarcastically. Peter looked at him, smirking. He then cast his glance towards Starr, who was smiling at him. Pan thought she was beautiful, and felt something happening inside of him. Hook noticed the boy's face and lo and behold! Hook saw movement at the front of Pan's pants, indicating an erection. Hook laughed at the look on Peter's face, saying, "Whoa! Methinks you ought to put that thing away!", embarrassing Peter. His face got red, and the blush almost felt as heated as the erection, causing Peter to turn and fly away, looking back only once at the beautiful Starr. He had to get out of there.

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