The Betrayal

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      It was a new morning, and Peter thought the sun had never shone so brightly. Starr was asleep next to him, and the wonderful realization of what happened the night before dawned on him. He and Starr had slept together for the first time, and the man in Pan came alive in protective mode, always wanting to take care of her. Starr was special; she was important to him. She was full of the world's knowledge, and it was her brain that attracted him to her. That, and her beautiful heart. Being with Starr made Peter understand something; if he truly wanted to be with Starr, he would have to grow up. Peter's enjoyment of coming together with Starr was more important than anything else to him.

     Pan looked at his sleeping beauty's dark, perfect eyebrows as if enchanted. Starr opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Peter. "Good morning!", said Starr sleepily, smiling beautifully, taking Peter's breath away. "I can't believe I'm here!", she said. Starr touched Pan's face tenderly, and her touch felt so good, it made him want to kiss her. Peter brought his lips to hers in a tender kiss, making her smile. The beauty of that smile made Peter have naughty thoughts, and as he was about to lay onto her for more befitting kisses, in walked Wendy, with a tray of breakfast. When she saw the water witch laying with Peter, Wendy became enraged. It should have been her that gets to lay in bed with Peter, not the witch!

     Wendy couldn't believe her eyes. "Peter! What is she doing here!", asked Wendy, her heart about to pop from the pressure she felt, seeing Peter's skin against the water witch's. "That's none of your business, Wendy! Now, leave!", yelled Pan, standing. Wendy couldn't take her eyes away from his body. This was too much; she had it. Wendy threw the tray of food down, yelling, "Fine then!", and turned on her heels, leaving the room.  "Good! I didn't want to eat your nasty breakfast anyway!", yelled Pan. Wendy sprinted downstairs, almost running into Slightly and Felix. She ran out of the treehouse and into the Neverland forest, and didn't stop running until she tripped over a huge tree root and fell. Wendy  cried then, bawling over Peter's betrayal. Her loud cries caught the attention of Captain Hook and Smee, who led some of the crew in a search party through the woods, looking for Starr.  When they saw it was Wendy Darling, Hook looked at Smee with a grin. "Fetch her!", he said, his gold teeth gleaming.


       Wendy sat in Captain Hook's chambers, a crazy look about her. Hook could tell something was wrong with her, so he asked, "What ails you, Wendy Darling? What has that ruffian Pan done to warrant such tears as we heard earlier?" Wendy looked up and said, "He has betrayed me! I'm here in Neverland because of him, and he never appreciates that! He's turning into a man!" Captain Hook rocked in his seat, coughing, almost spilling the rum he was sipping. "Pan a man? Why come ye to such a theory? What has he done to make you feel this way, darling Wendy?", asked Hook, trying to charm answers out of her. Wendy sniffed, then said, "He had the water witch in his bed! Ever since he met her, he's been changing! I don't know what she's done to him, but I don't like it! I saw this strange box! It must be her witchery!"

     A devious look came upon Captain Hook's face. He knew just what the beautiful water witch's feminine wiles had done to the boy, and he knew of this box Wendy spoke of. It was allegedly Pan's from long ago, and he could trap things inside said box. "Let me get this clear", said Hook carefully, "Ye say Pan had her in his bed? The scoundrel!" Wendy nodded, taking Hook's mockery serious. "Boson Smee!", he called, then asked Wendy, "Is she there now?" Wendy nodded, saying, "Yes! They're in his room together!" Just then, Smee came in. "Aye, Captain?", he asked. "Take young Wendy down to the brig!"  Wendy didn't understand. "What? Why?", she asked her eyes big. Smee grabbed her arm and led her away. Captain Hook went to his wardrobe and opened it, revealing an antique mirror, enchanted with magic. Soon, a swirling sensation happened, and a face appeared. It was Jafar, an evil sorcerer from Agribah. "Captain Hook!", he said, grinning. "What may I do for you?" "Ah, Jafar! You're looking well! Your head's looking as swollen as ever, friend!" Jafar sneered, "What do you need?"  Hook peered into the mirror, then asked, "Is your boy still in the habit of roguery? I need him to retrieve a certain item for me! I shall pay you handsomely!" Jafar smiled, then said, "Consider it done!"

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