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     Pan found himself being happy as of late. His relationship with Starr was blossoming, and Peter felt manly like never before. Even the Lost Boys were more manageable, and they were happy to have another mother who was such a good cook. Starr would make them all kinds of delicious meals such as fried Neverland chicken, which was Peter's favorite, and she baked them chocolate cakes, cookies, and fairy brownies. Even Wendy herself had to admit that Starr was a nice addition to their family, and became friends with her. She would help Starr set the huge oak table Peter had made for them all, and would assist in serving their meals. Starr's wonderful dinners would be well received by everyone, and they would all sit down and eat heartily.

      Jay and Carlos fit right in with the others, but Peter still kept a close eye on them. He knew that at least one if not both of them admired Starr and had feelings for her. This was a given, because Starr was so good and so beautiful, and she treated everyone kindly. When they'd all be seated at dinner, Pan could see them slyly giving her looks. This would enrage Peter, but he promised himself that he wouldn't start anything, so long as they kept their distance from her. Any little izm set him off; if one of the fairymen looked at Starr too long Peter would get jealous, but as soon as Starr would touch his face, he would melt like butter, for she calmed him. Peter felt himself lucky to have her. Starr balanced him out.


       When Captain Hook visited the water witch, she had a surprise waiting for him. Sitting in her living room was Tia Dalma. When Hook saw the macabre beauty, his nether regions sprang to life. "Ah! I came here to see yet another beauty!", replied Hook, looking from Starr to Tia Dalma. She smiled, then said, "Handsome Captain Hook! It's been too long!" Hook narrowed his eyes then smiled. "Call me James!", he said, kissing Tia Dalma's hand. The love connection was instantaneous, and Captain Hook realized that he was always fond of the sultry Tia Dalma, and figured now would be a good time to get reacquainted. "How about a ride in me ship!", offered Hook, dashingly. Tia Dalma accepted his proffered hand and stood, holding the train of her dress. "Thank you, my sister!", she said, happily showing her black teeth. Captain Hook turned and said, "Alas, fair water witch! It could have been wonderful!" Starr smiled, wanting to laugh. Okay Captain. She'd let him think so. Her heart belonged to Pan and Pan only.

       As Starr stode on the shore, she waved at her sister witch Tia Dalma on her way to the Jolly Roger with Captain Hook. She was happy she could've brought two hearts together, so they too could be happy like she was. She watched them until they faded across the horizon, reaching the ship. Starr looked around her, taking in all of the island's beauty. Just as she was about to leave, she heard a low moan. She heard it again and moved closer, trying to follow the faint sound. When Starr looked down, she noticed a young man laying wounded in the brush grass. He looked like he had been washed ashore and tried to crawl to safety. Starr knelt down and said, "Please, come with me! I will help you!" The young man looked up at Starr, and she noticed how breathtakingly handsome he was, even hurt. Starr helped him up, and he put his arm around her neck.

        Starr led the young man inside her cottage, helping onto her spare bed. "What's your name? Can you tell me your name, sir?", she asked, trying to keep him awake. She opened his shirt and removed it, the sight of his muscular body surprising her. He was highly feverish and showed signs of being beaten with something, and was likely thrown over a ship. As Starr applied a cool compress to his forehead, the young man grabbed her hand and said, "My name is ....Henry....T..T-turner! Thank you!" Starr smiled at him, then hurried off to fetch some of her medicine.

       Starr gave Henry a cool cup of moon water she had blessed, helping him sit up a bit so he could drink. Starr applied a sponge soaked in her blessed waters and moved it along his upper body, cleaning his cuts and bruises, then applied some of her magical salve butter to heal his wounds. They healed up instantly, but Starr noticed he still was feverish. Right as she was going outside to her cauldron, in flew Peter, glaring at Henry laying there. "Who's this?", asked Pan, his cheeks meeting his eyes he was so pissed yet trying to smile. The sight of the half naked young man laying in her house made Peter's deep dark demon rear it's head, taking him over.

    Starr could sense his anger, and said, "Peter! This is Henry! I'm trying to save his life!" Pan looked at Starr's beautiful face with such determination and said, "Henry's a pirate!" , testily. Starr didn't care, and said, "So what if he's a pirate? He shouldn't live? I will save him, Peter!", then breezed past him to her magic chest, opening up her wonders. Peter glared at her, his eyes full of fire. She was beautiful, and he stood in amazement as he watched her nurse the young man back to health. "You still have to cook dinner, you know! I don't want Wendy to think it's okay for her to cook!", he said, laughing slightly. Starr smiled then, and said, "I know, Peter....how about I fix your other favorite?" Pan went closer to her, looking into her eyes. "That would be this!", he said, then kissed her passionately.

     Starr could feel Pan's want, and couldn't believe his timing. Here she had a soul who needed tending to, and here he was, trying to seduce her. "Peter!", she squealed when he squeezed her butt. "Go now! I have work to do and supper to cook!", she said, kissing his cheek. "I'll deal with you, later!", she teased. Peter was reluctant to leave Starr alone with that pirate, but Starr wasn't going to let him change her mind! "Go! I'll bake us a chocolate cake if you behave!", she said. Peter grabbed her and hugged her tightly, then flew out of her window. Before she could go into her kitchen and begin the night's meal, she had to go check on Henry. She watched him laying there, marveling at his thick eyebrows and handsome chiseled face. He opened his eyes as she put another cool towel on his head, starting an inner desire between the both of them. "Who are you?", he asked, looking into her eyes. "I am Starr, water witch of Neverland!", she said, softly. Henry smiled, a breathtaking thing. "I thank you, for helping me!", he said, still looking in her eyes. Henry's handsome face held Starr spellbound. "What happened to you?", she asked, suddenly finding herself thinking about what it would be like to kiss those lips. Henry was thinking the same thing, but a coughing spell came over him. Starr made him drink some herbs she brewed, and his eyes looked so pitiful and adorable, she felt sorry for him when he said he was simply looking for his father, and was beaten and thrown overboard the Black Pearl, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. He floated to Neverland on a piece of driftwood, and had lain there for some time before she found him.

      Starr admired Henry's strength and bravery, and smiled at him. "You get some rest! I'll bring you some supper later", she said, feeling his head to study his fever. Henry grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips weakly, then kissed it. "Thank you, goddess!", he said, then fell asleep from exhaustion. Starr stood, looking back at the sleeping pirate. She went into her kitchen and began their supper, looking back at the spare room.


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