Playing With Fire

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      Captain Hook and his men reached the shore. He could see the water witch's cottage and a smile spread across his face when she came out to her cauldron. Starr looked so beautiful, and Captain Hook hurried to her side. "Milady!", he said, taking her hand and kissing it. Starr thought Hook was a very handsome man, and blushed as she noticed the gleam in his eyes. "How are you,  Captain Hook? It seems we had a misunderstanding! I hope I'm still welcomed for dinner!", she said. Captain Hook was very pleased to hear this, and said, "I should want nothing more in life, save for the demise of that wretched Pan! Me knows the brute his you away from me!" Starr didn't want to hear anyone speak ill of Peter, so she stopped him. "Captain, please don't blame Peter! He is new to the way of feelings, and he simply thought I was in danger! But I assured him you would never hurt me!", she said, smiling. Starr's smile made Hook melt like butter on a sunny day, and he said, "Come, my dear! A scrumptious meal awaits ye!"

       Starr looked around as if looking for Pan, then allowed Captain Hook to lead her to his rowboat. Boson Smee went along with them to row, but some of the men that had came ashore stayed, as if to make sure Peter Pan and the Lost Boys wouldn't interfere with their dinner. As they floated to the ship, Starr looked back towards her home, and at the edge of the forest, she saw Carlos, watching her. Starr thought back to the kiss they shared, and wondered why she let him do it in the first place. But it was a good kiss, and Starr figured she'd let it alone. Her heart was for Pan.


        Frypan had the Jolly Roger smelling wonderful. Captain Hook had spared no expense, and the joyful cook served the meal happily. Starr looked at the roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and garlic rolls in awe. "This smells and looks wonderful, Captain Hook. Please, give my compliments to the chef!", she exclaimed. Hook smiled dashingly as he poured them each a glass of wine. Starr caught him looking at her a little too long, and it made her blush. They enjoyed their meal, talking along the way. Starr learned so much about Captain Hook over their dinner, and found he wasn't at all like people thought. Captain James Hook was a very educated man, but his devil-may-care attitude and his love for the sea was very evident. He enjoyed Starr's company very much, and found himself wanting to keep her there.

        "You know, milady, I should keep you here with me, just to give that lollygag Pan a taste of his own medicine!", he said, giving her his Johnny Depp eyes. "You know, dear enchantress, methinks you and I should get to know each other better! What say ye?", he asked, scooting closer to her on the ruby red couch, and trying to kiss her. Starr felt herself blushing again, then said, "Why, Captain Hook! I expect you to be a gentleman of accord! I just know you wouldn't do anything to compromise my honor!" Hook smiled again, his gold teeth gleaming. He was a sexy man, but Starr only had eyes for Peter.  But Hook had other plans. He moved even closer to Starr, taking in her sweet scent. "Just one kiss, love?", he asked. Starr decided to allow him the one, and as Hook brought his handsome face to hers, she met his lips in a tender kiss. Captain Hook smiled a dashing smile, then said, "On to dessert!"


         Pan and the Lost Boys were busy preparing their new hideout. He was pleased knowing he'd be so close to his Starr. The new boys Jay and Carlos seem to fit in just right, but Peter didn't trust them. He still didn't know how they came to be with Starr, and decided to keep a close eye on them. There was something about that Carlos....Pan eyed him from afar, building his little hut. The day was sunny and bright, and gave the Lost Boys such spirit that they soon had all of their huts assembled and ready. Wendy and Felix would now be sharing a hut, and this made Peter think. If he was truly becoming a man, he should be with his woman, right? He knew that the water witch preferred to live alone, her magic consistent of her cottage, but at the same time, he was glad she was so independent. He would see how things would go between them before trying to move in with her.

       When Starr returned from the Jolly Roger, she was glad to see everyone was busy getting along and working together. She kept up her end of the deal and cooked a huge dinner, and was surprised when little Mindy flew in with a message. "Hi, Starr!", she twerped, cutely. "I came to tell you that Tia Dalma would like to speak to you, and she's on her way right now!", she said. Tia Dalma was a very respected Obeah woman, and she and Starr were the only witches on the whole island of Neverland. If she was coming over herself, Starr knew something big had to be happening. Just then, she appeared, right in the living room of Starr's cottage. "Tia Dalma, hello!", said Starr, genuflecting. "Starr, my sister witch!", exclaimed Tia Dalma, hugging her. "I've come to you for help, my sister!"

        Starr offered Tia Dalma a seat and refreshments. Tia Dalma looked into her eyes and said, "I've heard that Captain Hook has taken a liking to you! Do you feel the same way?" Starr replied, "Hook is a friend, but my heart belongs to Pan!" Tia Dalma smiled at hearing this, her blackened teeth macabre. "Ah! Witty Pan has caught your heart!", she said. "It is a good match! Now, if only Hook could be mine!", she exclaimed revealing her desire for Captain Hook. They talked over a pot of tea, both women sharing their innermost secrets. "The man sets my soul on fire! But me too afraid to let him know!", said Tia Dalma. Starr smiled. "Don't worry! I have an idea that will bring you and Captain Hook together, my sister! Just you wait and see!", exclaimed Starr.


      After a huge family style dinner with the Lost Boys and Wendy, Peter asked Starr to take a moonlit walk in the forest with him. As they held hands, Pan took her to the most enchanted part of the forest, where the fairy dance was going on. Starr saw little Mindy and all the other fairies in their home, and a beautiful dance was going on. Peter and Starr his behind a tree, watching them. Pan stood closely behind Starr, smelling her hair. Starr turned around and looked at him, and something magical was in the air. Peter smiled at Starr devilishly, then pulled her to him. "Dance with me!", he said, surprising Starr.

       Peter held Starr close, staring into her eyes as they danced to the fairy song. He put his hand on the small of her back, and Starr wrapped her arms around his neck. Pan smiled once again, then kissed her passionately, with all his might. When their kiss ended, Starr, breathless, said, "You're playing with fire, Peter!"

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