The Lock Box

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       Peter Pan laid on his back in bed, looking off into space. What had happened on his birthday would always be a part of his mind. It was the best birthday he ever had, all thanks to Starr's kindness. Wendy and the Lost Boys had never given Pan a celebration as such and it touched Peter in a way he never experienced before. He was falling in love with Starr, and the fact of the matter left him in his feelings.

     Pan smiled, thinking of her. Starr was intelligent, beautiful, and kind, and she had a mysterious air about her. Peter couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he just knew there was something more to Starr's magic. She kept a smile on his face, and a song in his heart. Pan was delighted in knowing that he had a special connection with the water witch, and he would stop at nothing to protect her.

     Lost in his feelings of Starr, Peter didn't hear when Wendy came into his room. "Peter! Peter! I've been calling you! What's wrong with you? Lately, you've been distant, sort of in another world! What is it, Peter?", she asked, persistently. Pan looked at her, staring at her like she had two heads. "What are you asking me?", he replied, vexed by her presence. She went in closer and sat on a chair. Wendy took a long hard look at Pan. "Peter, why do you look at me like that? You look at me like you hate me!", she exclaimed, tears in her eyes. "What have I done to you to deserve this treatment? You should have let me go home if I disgust you so much!", she yelled.

      Peter looked at Wendy with a sour look. She had her nerve trying to talk to him! All Peter wanted to focus on was Starr, but here was Wendy, questioning him. When Wendy didn't get a rise out of him, she pressed on. "I know about you and the water witch, Peter! We all do! Felix told me he saw you and her, together, more than once! Is she why you're acting like this?", she asked. "Don't you know she is a witch! She can play games with your mind and corrupt you, Peter! This isn't like you, Peter! I know you can be happy! I can help you!", she exclaimed. Peter scoffed. "How dare you question me! As if I have to tell you any of my affairs! Wendy, do yourself a favor, love! Keep your thoughts and your help to yourself, and if it's home you miss, go then! And take Felix with you!", he said.

       Wendy stood, looking at Peter with a scornful heart. "Okay, Peter! If that's what you truly want!", she said, then stormed out of his room. Peter smiled then resumed in his daydreams.


        Captain Hook had sailed out of Neverland to the island of  Tortuga, in search of a chef who could prepare the water witch a meal out of this world. He trudged on through the crowds of scalawags and ruffians, discarded pirates, ladies of the evening, and greedy merchants trying to hawk their wares, knowing Captain Hook kept a heavy purse of gold gallions about his person. Hook walked proudly, like a peacock, his nose held high to avoid the stench of the common place. He came upon a tantalizing aroma, strange for Tortuga. Hook followed his nose to a tavern, where inside, the delicious smells magnified. "Aye, who be the cook?", asked Hook, loudly. A short young Moor came into view, nervously. "Aye, Captain! That would be me! My name is Frypan, and please, try these!", he exclaimed, shoving a platter of tea sandwiches in front of Hook.

        Captain Hook took a sample, tasting it, then said, "I'll be needing more than some fancy sandwiches! I'm throwing a dinner, and being the host I am, I would like you to prepare something extra special for my lovely guest of honor! I can pay you well! What say ye? Are you up to the task?", he asked. Frypan smiled, rubbing his hands together, forming a menu in his mind. "Oh, yes sir! Very good sir!", he exclaimed. "Delightful! Pack your bags! I shall be leaving for Neverland in one hour's time!" When Frypan heard Neverland, his eyes got big.
"Yes sir, Captain Hook!", he replied, bustling off to get ready.

       In the meantime, Pan had been thinking about what he heard under Captain Hook's window the other day. He knew the old codfish would be inviting Starr over for a dinner and he had to act fast. Pan flew through the forest to the little hovel of Rumpelstiltskin, a granter of goods in Neverland. His prices were outrageous, but his magic was worth it. As Pan settled in front of his door, Rumple saw him immediately. "Ah! Well if it isn't Peter Pan!", exclaimed Rumple. "Do come in!" Peter went inside, looking at all of the jars of magical ingredients. "Rumple, I need your help!" Rumpelstiltskin laughed a devious little laugh, then said, "You need my help? The Great Pan needs my help!" Rumple erupted into laughter, making Peter slant his eyes. "Will you help me or not?", asked Peter. Rumple stopped laughing then settled himself. "Sit!", he said.

       Peter looked around again, then asked, "Do you still have the Lock Box? It is very impertinent that I have it! I shall give you whatever's your price!" The Lock Box was Rumple's most guarded secret, stolen from Pan ages ago. Now the self righteous little imp had the nerve to try to keep it for himself. "The Lock Box, you say?", he asked, smiling, showing his green and brown teeth. "Why, yes! I do! But, why do you need this object?", asked Rumple. Peter wasn't about to go into detail, and said, "Give it to me! Now!" Rumpelstiltskin laughed, slanting his eyes at Peter in a malicious way. "Me stole that dreadful thing from you for a reason, years ago! Now you come for it? What gives Pan? Me knows you before today, eh?", laughed Rumple.

     Pan was getting impatient. "Look, Rumple! Just name your price! It is a must that I have it! Lives depend on it!", he said. Rumpelstiltskin looked at Peter closely, trying to read his thoughts. "Please!", begged Peter, astonishing Rumple. "He says Please? Oh you must really need my services, then, eh?", he replied, looking devilish. Pan was beyond irritated by now and growled, "Name your price!" , through his teeth. Rumple saw Pan's great want, and decided to play. "On Skull Island, there is a scepter buried beneath some rocks! Bring it to me! This is my price, and you shall have your precious box!", he said, a gleam in his eyes.
"You shall have it!", he said, then flew off to Skull Island.


         Captain Hook had made it back to the Jolly Roger with Frypan and his belongings. The young man had started cooking, and had the ship's kitchen smelling wonderful. Pan flew overhead, on his way back to Rumple's from Skull Island, scepter on his hand. The dinner's aromas reached the highest parts of the clouds, and Peter knew old Hook was getting ready. He flew on towards Rumple's and got what he desired. Holding the Lock Box in his hands, Pan felt a strength like no other. This would be the right thing to do. Once he had the box in his possession, Peter flew off towards the water witch's cottage.

        Captain Hook had sent Starr an invitation to dinner via Boson Smee, and she was busy getting ready to go. Pan flew into her bedroom window, startling her. "Peter! How are you today?", asked Starr, smiling. Her beauty could make an angel weep, and Peter grabbed her suddenly, kissing her passionately. Starr was blown back from Pan's passion, and kissed him back, just as sweetly. Peter threw the Lock Box on the floor, causing it to open up and suck Starr into it. "Peter? What's going on?", asked Starr worriedly. Pan smiled a devious, handsome smile and said, "Just trust me love! This is for your own good!" The Lock Box closed, sealing the beautiful Starr inside. Peter picked it up, then flew away to his treehouse.


       When Boson Smee returned without the water witch, Captain Hook was livid. "Where is she, Smee?", he asked, angrily. Hook had went to the trouble of hiring a chef just for her, and now, here was Smee bringing him bad news. "Where is she?", bellowed Hook. "I don't know, Captain! I gave her the invitation like ye asked, and then the next minute, she was gone! Whoosh! Disappeared into thin air she did!", exclaimed Smee. This did not sit well with Hook. "We must find her!", he yelled.

     Meanwhile, Pan had made it back to his home, flying in secretly, so no one would see him. He placed the Lock Box on the floor, and opened it up. Out came Starr, amazed. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. "Is this your home?", asked Starr. Peter smiled, then said, "It's your home, now!" Before Starr could speak, Peter grabbed her face and gave her a passionate kiss, stirring her soul. Old Hook must have wanted to do the same to her, and Peter would put a stop to that. He would keep the water witch safe with him until Hook was dealt with.

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