Happy Birthday to Me!

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     Neverland mornings were always a ruckus in the tree house. The Lost Boys all ran around wild, while Wendy tried her best to feed them and keep the place in order for Peter. She had noticed a change in him; Peter looked yummier somehow, and more muscular. She stared at him from afar as he sat, eating his bowl of oatmeal. "Peter, what are your plans for the day?", asked Wendy, bringing Pan out of a daydream. Slightly and Felix looked up, waiting to hear his answer. "I'm going off on my own today!", said Peter, standing. "But Peter! When will we attack old Hook?", this was from Slightly. Pan smirked, then said, "The old codfish! He's alright! No need to worry about him!" Peter flew off through the top of the tree, gliding out over Neverland.

       Pan circled the Indian village, seeing Sethi down below. He was taking the trail down to Starr's cottage. Sethi had dreamt of the water witch, and it was his dream that made him go see her. Sethi had his travel bag around his chest, and made his way through the forest, happily. He had packed a picnic lunch, and wanted to invite Starr along. Sethi made it to Starr's cottage, a smile upon his handsome face. He knocked on the door, and when Starr opened up and saw him, she was very pleased. "Hello, Sethi!", she exclaimed. Sethi smiled, his face like a teddy bear's as he said, "Awapo, beautiful Starr! It's a lovely day out, and I just so happen to have this bag of food I packed! Would you join me, for a picnic?" Starr thought that would be nice, and hoped that Peter wouldn't get the wrong idea if he saw them together.

       Starr followed Sethi along a path going deeper into the forest, until they came to a beautiful clearing. They sat down, and Sethi began to unpack his bag. He took out grilled bread and cheese,  fried corn, fried potatoes, and little nougat filled chocolates. Starr enjoyed the meal, smiling when she caught Sethi staring at her. "What is it?", she asked, chewing the chocolate. Sethi smiled big, his eyes sparkling. "It's just, you're really beautiful, Starr!", he said, his eyes hypnotic. "I know you probably already know this!"  Starr thanked him, smiling.

      On their way out of the forest, Starr led Sethi to the Crystal Fountain, a beautiful fountain where the brooks met, saturated with beautiful crystals of various shapes, sizes, colors, and strengths. Starr put her hand in the crystal blue water and pulled out a stone, handing it to Sethi. "Its an amethyst", she said, smiling. Sethi knew of the stone's power, and thanked her for it. Before leaving, Starr reached in and plucked another crystal. She would give this one to Peter. Sethi walked Starr back to her cottage. "Thanks for the picnic!",  said Starr. Sethi smiled, then said, "You're welcome! I'll see you at the end of the month, for the moon water! Until then!" Sethi moved in closer to Starr, then kissed her lips, softly. Starr wasn't expecting him to do this, and quickly held her breath, but as the feel of Sethi's lips got more softer and the kiss got longer, Starr began to relax. Sethi pulled his lips away, smiling. "Be well, water witch!", he said as he turned to leave. "Travel well, Prince Sethi!", called Starr, touching her lips.


      Pan had watched the whole picnic, but flew away when Felix had came upon him with some interesting news of Captain Hook. Peter flew down onto the Jolly Roger and hid himself under the window ledge. He heard Hook speaking of the water witch, and how he wanted to have her for dinner. "I shall use wit and charm and romance to win her over!", said Captain Hook to Smee. Peter gnashed his teeth together, highly upset and dangerous. He  wondered what this romance meant.


         Starr was putting away some clothes she had folded when in flew Mindy, smiling. "Hi, Starr!", chirped Mindy, sweetly. "Did you know that tomorrow is Peter's birthday?", she asked. Starr was amazed, then said, "I would like to do something special for him! Can you help me, like you helped him, you little rascal!", tickling her little belly. Mindy laughed, then replied, "Of course I will!"  Starr made a plan to surprise Peter with a cake and special dinner for his birthday. Mindy flew away, ready to play her part.

      Peter wanted to see Starr, so he flew down to her cabin. When Starr saw him, she smiled tenderly. "Come in, Pan!", she said. Pan walked in, giving Starr a mischievous look. "Did you have fun on your picnic?", he asked, startling her. Was Peter jealous of Sethi? Starr stood tall, smiled, then replied, "Yes! I did!", then went to her dresser where the crystal she wanted to give Peter laid. Peter watched Starr as she walked, staring at her bottom long and deliberate, a little smile escaping his lips. Starr smiled at him, then gave him the stone. Peter's face lit up with happiness, and he forgot all about Sethi. The power of the love stone worked its magic on Pan. He held the beautiful rose quartz crystal in his hands carefully and tenderly, saying , "Thank you, Starr! This pleases me very much!"

       Peter wrapped his arms around Starr and hugged her tight. Her giving him a gift meant a lot to him, and he wanted to show her. As Starr stared at him, Peter moved a strand of her hair, pushing it back and killing Starr softly. He brought his face close to hers and kissed her, sucking her lips. Starr hoped he wouldn't just stop and fly away like he always did, so she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. It was the first time their kiss lasted longer than a minute, and both Starr and Peter were thrilled. When it was time for him to leave, they both lingered, staring into each other's eyes. "Goodnight, Starr!", he said, smiling devilishly. "Until tomorrow!", he exclaimed, flying out of her window. Starr couldn't wait to surprise him.


        The day of Peter's birthday had came, and he woke up to another noisy breakfast. He looked around scornfully, his unpleasantness thick. Peter needed to get away from this craziness, so he flew out and settled himself down by a brook. Starr had cooked a lovely, hearty breakfast of biscuits, ham, eggs, and cheese, and had wrapped him up a few, sending Mindy to take them to him, with an invitation to come over to her cottage that evening. Peter was surprised, holding the basket of biscuits. He happily ate them, saying, Now this is a breakfast!

     The day couldn't go by fast enough for Peter. He flew over and saw his cousin Jax, who gave him his own pipe, an ornate, hand carved piece. "Happy birthday, Peter!", he exclaimed. Pan smiled, suddenly realizing it was his birthday indeed. After talking and smoking with Jax, Pan noticed it had gotten late, and he had a dinner date waiting for him. Pan flew over to Starr's cottage in a hurry. She opened up her door, sensing his arrival. "Happy birthday, Peter!", exclaimed Starr, smiling. Peter was shocked. "How did you know it was my birthday? Even I forgot!", he said. Starr smiled, then said, "The little fairy Mindy told me!"

      Peter looked at Starr's table, spread with little sandwiches, meat balls, a cheesy fondue with bread cubes and crackers, and a tray of veggies with dip. In the center of it all was a delicious looking chocolate birthday cake. Peter's mouth watered with glee as he helped himself to the food. Once he had filled his plate with a bit of everything, Starr poured him a tall icy glass of lemonade. Peter took a taste, then smiled, amazed at the water witch's skills. They ate the food together, enjoying it and each other's company. After helping Starr clear away the dishes, Pan and Starr took a moonlit walk under the Neverland sky.

     Peter was in a naughty mood, and jokingly suggested skinny dipping. When Starr began to remove her clothing, his face lit up and he did the same, both of them running and leaping into the lagoon together. The cool waters felt good, and Starr thought Pan looked super sexy all wet. Pan gave her a devilish grin, then swam closer to her. They stared up at the sky together, marveling at the millions of stars. Peter couldn't take his eyes off of Starr, and could see her blossoming body through the opaque water. Peter wanted to kiss her again, and Starr read his mind. As their lips met in a tender kiss, Peter thought, Happy birthday to me!

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