The Reunion

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    When Starr woke up the next morning, she was surprised to see Henry in the living room, dressed and ready to go. "Good morning, Starr!", he said, smiling. Starr thought back to the night before, when she saw Henry in all his glory. She blushed slightly as she replied, "Good morning, Henry! You're feeling well?" Henry smiled, his handsome face lighting up the room. "Yes, all thanks to you!", he said. Starr was very happy to see that her care helped Henry get well. She went into her kitchen and began to cook them some breakfast. Henry noticed, and sat down at her table. "Aren't we eating with the others?", he asked, his eyebrows furrowing. Starr thought of all the nasty remarks Peter had made about pirates, and figured she didn't want to subject Henry to that again. "I think I'd like to stay in, if that's alright with you!", she said, smiling. Henry smiled back at her, and began to set the table.

     Frypan cooked a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits for everyone. When Starr didn't come out, Peter figured she was simply late, probably busy with that pirate. After breakfast was halfway done, and she still hadn't shown up, Peter decided to go see for himself what was the hold up. Starr and Henry were talking over French toast and Neverland berries. "This is delicious!", said Henry, and Starr noticed a bit of honey syrup on his lip. She wanted to wipe it up, but Henry's smile stopped her in her tracks as he licked the honey off of his lips. Their eyes met, and Henry felt himself blush. He quickly tried to avert her attention, asking, "Starr, you said your father wrapped you in his ship's flag when you were just a you still have it?" Starr's eyes lit up, and she stood, going to her chifforobe, opening it up and pulling out a small, black bundle. "I've always kept this, to remind me of my father, and where I come from", she said, softly. She handed the bundle of material to Henry and he unwrapped it, revealing a black flag with a skull, sword, and blood red rose.

"This was your father's ship? I know this flag!", replied Henry, smiling optimistically

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"This was your father's ship? I know this flag!", replied Henry, smiling optimistically. "Oh, Starr! Don't you see! This can lead us to your treasure!", he exclaimed happily. "I've heard tell of the Black Rose, a sunken treasure ship that holds the treasure of the sea! This must be your treasure! We have to retrieve it!", he said, looking into her eyes. Starr felt herself smiling at him, and a hopeful feeling spread through her body.

    Just then, in flew Peter, his handsome face twisted in a frown. When he saw Henry sitting down to breakfast, the pirate flag in his hands, Peter got livid. "What's this?", he asked, looking at the flag. "So, you'd rather stay in with your pirate than eat with us! Starr, what is it with pirates? And look, he shows off his colors! Why are you so blinded by this pirate?", yelled Pan. Starr had enough. "Why so much hatred for pirates? They are human beings, too!", she cried, staring daggers at Peter. He scoffed, then said, "No, they're not! Why don't you know this? You're the water witch; you should know everything! Pirates are scum!" Starr couldn't believe her lover could be so callous. "If you hate pirates so much, then you hate me! My father was a pirate!", she yelled, retrieving the flag from Henry. "This was my father's ship's flag! He wrapped me in it when I was a baby! It's all I have left of him! He was a good man, and I will not stand here and let you talk down pirates, Peter! If you have a problem with that, then leave!", she yelled, her eyes full of fire.

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