"What are these Feelings?"

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        After Pan had left the vision of beauty, he quickly soared through Neverland, flying at an unpredictable speed. He was all shook up, and the hot way he felt inside had him confused. He landed on his ledge, settling his feet down softly, then walked into his bedroom, taking off his boots and removing his shirt, throwing it across his room.

     Slightly, his number one Lost Boy, walked in. "Peter! Where have you been?", he asked, pissing Peter off. "Do not ask me where I've been!, he yelled, giving Slightly a perplexed look. Slightly noticed his boss wasn't himself as of late and asked, "Peter, is everything alright? Is it Hook? Did you stumble upon some pirates, plotting a devious plan to infiltrate Neverland? What? What is it?"

       Pan, by this time, was so riled up, he just looked at his friend silently. "No, Slightly! There aren't any pirate attacks to worry about! The only thing you need to worry about is getting out of my face!", said Peter, trying to stay calm. Slightly was getting on his last nerve, bothering him with all those questions. What he was feeling inside had him confounded, because all Peter could think about was Starr and her beautiful smile.

        Slightly pressed on, wanting to know why the boss was acting so strange. There was a flush to his face, and his eyes seem to burn greener. "Peter? What is it?", he asked. Peter swallowed, trying hard to not explode and grab Slightly by his throat. "Leave me! I must think!", Peter said. Slightly went to the door, then turned and asked, "Should I go?" "You should!", growled Peter, through his teeth.


      Starr smiled to herself as she thought of the way Pan had looked at her. Her heart beat wildly, but she settled herself and went about her duties. She was preparing a batch of moondust for the fairies when she got the feeling someone was coming.  Starr looked up as her little fairy friend Mindy came flying in, chirping, "Sethi is coming! Sethi is coming!"

     Sethi was the Native Indian prince of the Neverland Navahopeé tribe. He was the younger brother of Princess Tiger Lily, and next in line for the throne. He also created beautiful, powerful amulets and sold them in his village. Sethi was a handsome, strapping youth; tall, with broad shoulders, a lean muscular body, long jet black silky hair, and a face that housed the most handsome smile. Starr had seen the young stallion on many occasions whilst trading in the Indian village, and every time he saw her, he had a nice smile for her.

       Starr watched on as Sethi came into view. He was smiling as he walked, carrying his shoulder bag. Sethi stood on the porch of the cottage and knocked on the door. "Sethi!", exclaimed Starr as she opened the door. Sethi's eyes sparkled as he smiled at Starr, saying, "Hello, awapo, Starr! I hope I'm not intruding! I have a request of you!" Starr smiled and welcomed him in. Sethi's smile showed his pleasure and as he walked inside, he gave Starr a look that spoke volumes.

      "I was wondering if you could make my tribe some moon water! The elders said you made them a batch last year, and that for a whole year we've had good fortune! I can pay you in gold, but for now, please accept this necklace as payment!", said Sethi, digging into his bag and pulling out a beautiful crystal point, handing it to Starr. She stood speechless as Sethi smiled. "I shall be back for the moon water in a month's time! Until then!", he said, kissing her hand, then taking his leave.

       Pan watched down at Sethi as he perched in a tree, admiring the air of confidence the Indian prince had. Sethi was treading over his territory now, and Peter thought back to the time he and Tiger Lily where playing when she was younger, and Sethi was nothing but a little toddler, but still protective of his sister. When little Sethi saw Pan flying around, the landing next to his sister, he thought Peter a demon from the bedtime tales his father had told them each night around the fire. Sethi grabbed a spear and chucked it towards Peter, stunning him. Pan looked at the little Indian squirt with admiration, and decided not to hurt him.

       But now, Sethi was growing into a young man; more so, he was beginning to look like a man. Surely he would know of these deep feelings, and the madness of their pleasure. Peter flew down, stepping in stride next to him. "Ah, awapo, Pan!", said Sethi, still smiling as if he hadn't a care in this world. Peter Pan looked at him hard, then said, "I need your help! Lately, I've been having strange feelings inside! I don't know how to control them! They make me crazy!" Pan frowned, then looked at Sethi for the answers. "I saw you over at the water witch's cottage! I saw how you smiled at her! Surely, you felt something inside from that! I know I felt something when I met her! Ever since I've met her, I've been feeling this way! Like I want something, something hidden and unknown! What are these feelings?", asked Pan.

      Sethi understood. Pan was in his feelings, for the very first time. Pan admitted he saw them talking, and Sethi knew Pan must have been jealous. He laughed slightly, then told Peter, "It only means you're turning into a man! You are beginning to feel man feelings!", then continued walking. Pan stood dumbfounded. Man feelings?, he wondered. How could this be? He flew away, back towards the cottage. He peeked inside and saw the beautiful Starr busy at work. As he watched her with longing, something happened. He began to blush, the heat spreading over him like wildfire. As Pan spied on the beautiful water witch, he wondered what it would feel like to give her a thimble.

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