What Needs to be Done

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     When Peter made it back to Jax's place, he suddenly stopped, shocked and intrigued by what he was seeing. The handsome, lusty satyr was busy entertaining a lovely nymph, whose parts were quite visible. Peter held back, watching, studying what his older, more experienced cousin was doing. He felt himself heat up, and remembered why he had sought out Jax in the first place. Pan flew off into the darkness, waiting until Jax would emerge.

      It was very late when Peter heard the nymph leaving, giggling as Jax smacked her on the behind. Pan flew up to Jax's window, surprising him. "Peter! You're back!", he exclaimed, packing his pipe. Pan looked at Jax, a question in his eyes. "So, I guess you saw that, then huh?", he asked. Peter nodded, then asked, "What were you doing to that nymph?" Jax smiled, his eyes sparkling. "Men things! Grownup men things!", he replied. Pan wanted to know.

    Jax sat Peter down, passing him his pipe again as he explained what grown men and women do. Peter smoked on, excitedly, thinking of Starr. He told Jax about his last encounter with her, feeling himself get hot. Jax laughed, then said, "Great gobbledygooks! You're turning into a man, Peter! These feelings you're having can only be experienced by men!" Peter couldn't believe his ears. He took another drag from Jax's pipe, then said, "Cousin, I really want to do something nice for Starr? What do you recommend?" Jax smiled, then took his pipe.


      Captain Hook went ashore again, prepared to pick up the scurvy potion from the water witch. He brought along his pet Capuchin monkey, Jack. When she came to the door, her beauty stopped his breath. "Good day, good Captain!", exclaimed Starr, smiling when she saw the little monkey, "Please come in!" Captain Hook took Starr's hand, kissing it deeply, then entered her cottage. He took a seat at her table, and Starr offered him some tea and sweets. Captain Hook's eyes took in the beautiful young water witch's form, and she noticed him watching her as she poured his tea. Hook smiled when he was caught, his gold teeth glimmering.

      "I reckon you've come for the anecdote!", said Starr, smiling. Captain Hook squinted his eyes, his face going serious. "What if I said I've come for you, me dear!", he said, surprising Starr. "What on Earth could you mean?", she asked, looking at him. Captain Hook smiled, then laid a beautiful pearl necklace on her table. In the center of the necklace was a coin, Captain Hook's piece of eight, taken from the Dead Man's Chest. "These pearls have a lot of sentimental value to me! I would like you to have them!", he said.

      Peter Pan had came flying through the forest, but once seeing Boson Smee, he knew Hook had to be around. Pan swooped down closer to get a better look, and sure enough, he spotted Hook inside of Starr's cottage, giving her a present. Pan felt himself anger when he saw how happy it made Starr, and he felt like going in there and cutting off Hook's beard. He listened on, his ears stretching. It seems that Hook gave Starr the little monkey as well, and Peter could tell by the way Starr held the little animal, she was very pleased.

       Pan decided not to act, and figured that he needed to give the water witch a present also. But what could he give her? What did she like? A lightbulb went off in his head, and Peter flew off in search of the one person who could help him. Pan flew and flew until he reached the glade, where the little fairy Mindy fluttered happily. When she saw Peter, she smiled, giggling. "Hi, Peter!", she exclaimed. "Isn't it a nice day we're having?" Peter smiled then bowed low, pleasing the little fairy. "Good day, fairy Mindy! I need your help!", he said. Mindy flew onto his shoulder as Peter sat down on the ground.

     "I want to give the water witch a present, but I don't know what she'd like! It has to be something special! Not like some old nasty pearls or old coins!", he said, looking agitated. Mindy smiled, hiding her snicker. Peter was jealous of Hook! "So, what does she like?", he asked. Mindy smiled, then said, "I've seen her read a lot of books! How about a library!", she squeaked. Peter smiled, devilishly. "A library full of books! I'll do it! We just need to get her out of her cottage, so I can surprise her!", exclaimed Peter. "Will you help me?", he asked. Mindy smiled and said, "Sure!"

      Captain Hook held up the pearl necklace, clasping it around Starr's neck. He secretly smelled her hair, taking in it's fragrance. Starr went to her been mirror, looking at the necklace around her neck. "These were me mother's pearls!", said Hook, softly. "I'd like you to have them!", he said. Starr touched the necklace, then said, "Oh, thank you, Captain Hook!" "You may call me James!", he said, kissing her hand.

       Just then, Mindy flew in. "Hi Captain Hook! Hi Starr! Captain Hook, was that your boson I seen running away from a swarm of Neverland hornets?", asked Mindy in her singsong voice. "Odds Bodkins!", exclaimed Hook, retrieving the potion from Starr. She stood, saying, "Make sure everyone eats an orange with the medicine!", then handed Hook a crate of citrus. Hook looked at her, surprised, then said, "Many thanks, milady!", then took his leave in pursuit of helping Smee. Mindy giggled, then said, "It's such a pretty day! Let's go into the glade and pick some berries!" Starr agreed, then picked up her little basket and followed Mindy into the forest.

      Pan flew in through the window, entering Starr's cottage. He could smell the lunch she prepared; peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Peter smiled, then moved through the magical house, which looked so small on the outside, but had many rooms inside. Pan moved into Starr's bedroom, eyeing her personals, fingering  a pair of underclothes that made him blush red. He found the perfect spot on her wall, and using his magic, Peter created three beautiful bookshelves, filled with all sorts of adventures and romances. Maybe she would read one to him.

     Pan stood, pleased with himself. Just then, in came Starr with her basket of berries. When Peter heard her come in, he quickly hid himself. Starr put her basket down, sensing something. When she walked into her bedroom and saw the bookshelves, Starr found herself speechless. Just then, Peter showed himself, startling her. "Oh, Peter! Did you do this? It's wonderful!", exclaimed Starr, hugging him. Pan wrapped his arms around the water witch and hugged her back, tightly. Pan liked the way her body felt pressed next to his, and let the hug linger on, before staring Starr into her eyes. "I hope you like it!", he said, smirking. "I love it!", exclaimed Starr, smiling. Peter brought his face closer to hers and kissed her lips passionately, holding her tightly to him.

     Pan's kiss seem to sweep Starr off of her feet, and as he touched her tongue with his, she looked down, surprised.  As Peter held her, they floated, hovering over the floorboards. Starr relaxed herself and enjoyed the kiss, running her fingers through his shaggy brown hair. They broke away from each other, and suddenly, Peter felt himself blush as Starr gazed down at his body. 'I'm sorry! I have to go!", said Pan, taking flight. Starr tried to call him back, but he was gone. She looked at her beautiful bookshelves and smiled, her heart full.

      Pan flew back to his treehouse, landing perfectly. He tossed off his boots and took off his shirt, then laid on his bed, embarrassed, wondering how he could ever face that beautiful witch again.

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