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Pen Your Pride

1-2-3 things you should you know

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Here’s how this is done, I gave this dudes (Rafa and Luca) the topics/thoughts and ask for their opinion, and of course I am to answer too. We gave our outlook together during our BNO.

1.Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.

Rafa: I prefer girls that are good-looking, neat, and presentable. I like girls who are good looking and by that I mean hot, sexy (with curves) and pretty. To be honest the first thing I see is the physique, of course neat presentable should also be on the package. If you got that be sure I’ll come near you and check out if you got the personality. If you do, that’s it! I’m all yours ha ha! :P

Luca: If by this statement you mean a girl who will be your girlfriend for a long run, yes this is true! I guess when a girl is neat and presentable it also means she is beautiful inside and out. Although I have to admit, good-looking girls are head turner but that doesn’t mean I’ll like her.

Troy: I prefer girls that are neat and presentable. To me if you’re neat, automatically you are presentable and of course you’re good-looking! I just don’t get it why these two dudes over here have to give lengthy answers.    

2.Guys hate other flirts.

Rafa: Really? Nah. Where’s the challenge if you there won’t be other flirts around ;) I like it when I get the chick because she thinks I’m the best among those other sperms trying to win her attention and when I get her attention, “Its morphing time!” showing her what she deserves and making sure she’ll sing the tune “I won’t go home without you!” ha ha!

Luca: The manwhore Rafa’s alive! Ahaha! If you’re my girl, you are only mine! I don’t like the idea of sharing. But I trust my girl. And flirting is inevitable. So I make sure no matter how many guys flirts on my girl, she’ll keep coming back to me; shower her with my

L-O-V-E! (;

Troy: I hate guys who flirt with my girl. If you know she’s taken FUCK OFF!! Simple as that!

3.A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.

Rafa: Ha Ha! I can like you now but if you didn’t leave something worth to remember or special, I really will forget you. So if you wanna be remembered, show me it would be worth ;) But I’m good with names but bad at faces ha ha! So feel lucky if I remember your face since your 101% sure I know your name and I won’t be ignoring you ha ha!

Luca: Same as what Rafa said; If you worth remembering, I will definitely remember you (;

Troy: If I like you big time, I will never forget you :) But if I don’t, try again next time :b  


Hope you did enjoy our first part. There will be more to come. Do understand that this is our own point of view.

Thank you for reading!

Signing out, Troy :D

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