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The huntress: battle of the Cats by SaphireAndDiablo
The huntress: battle of the Catsby Sapphire
The huntress battle of the Cats. Herds: LionHerd TigerHerd CatHerd
  • battle
  • lions
  • cats
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Silver Eyes by _jailbird_
Silver Eyesby _jailbird_
"Mom!" I yell panic. The kings soldiers had my parents on the dirty ground along with they're Syncs. "Run! Get out of here Portia! They're here for yo-&q...
  • riders
  • werewolves
  • fighting
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The Unknown Student ( A Kung Fu Panda Fanfiction) (Tigress x OC) (DISCONTINUED) by TaikixWolf
The Unknown Student ( A Kung Fu Pa...by TaikixWolf
What if there was a cub Shifu took in while training Tai Lung.... After Tai lung's betrayal, this unknown student left because he couldn't handle the betrayal of what he...
  • fanfiction
  • tigers
  • fighting
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Saving Grace (#1~ Saving Grace Series) by BlackDancingShadows
Saving Grace (#1~ Saving Grace Ser...by Samantha Adkins
For the first time in Grace's life, she was truly, gut-wrenchingly ashamed. Even though it had been days of non-stop travel, going as far as her car and wallet would car...
  • abuse
  • friends
  • neglect
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Citrus: Christmas Special by AnyShipLover45
Citrus: Christmas Specialby YurisMyFav
Mei and Yuzu are to take care of their newly found younger cousin Reimu while their kother spends christmas with Shou. Will the small child bring them even closer togeth...
  • tigers
  • himeko
  • matsuri
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Just for love (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)  by Miranydeottat
Just for love (Yuri Plisetsky x re...by Mirandaddy
Getting put together with your enemy for partner skating has to be the worst that could happen. Wrong, falling in love with your enemy is the worst that could happen. Yo...
  • yuri
  • iceskating
  • skating
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The Secret by enyce122
The Secretby Tigergirl
Being the princess of the biggest Cat Shifter Empire in North America isn't the easiest thing. Crystal struggles to live up to her mother's expectations, while also tryi...
  • fantasy
  • love
  • empire
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The Tiger's Body by mckaylaspandas
The Tiger's Bodyby Mckayla
What seemed like a normal walk home became a living nightmare. For Kenna it was the worst night of her life, kidnapped by a group of guys, then murdered after they do th...
  • slave
  • jaguars
  • traps
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MLB  IMAGINES (REQUESTS Closed) by jaywolf01
MLB IMAGINES (REQUESTS Closed)by Shania Wehrmann
Imagines about players in Major League Baseball.
  • brewers
  • tigers
  • angels
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Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenary by Zillaworld
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenaryby ZillaWorld
(I do not own Kill La Kill) Futa oc x Ryuko Matio and Satsuki Kiryuin
  • mercenary
  • futa
  • satsuki
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mlb imagines || book on hold !! by springerdinger_
mlb imagines || book on hold !!by paige
see first page for details :)
  • brewers
  • athletics
  • pirates
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dreaming - an afl fanfic by jacquigadea
dreaming - an afl fanficby jacquigadea
i ran. i ran as fast as i could go. cursing any bad word that came to my mind; cursing her name. (btw don't judge the prologue issa joke)
  • fanfiction
  • footy
  • dogs
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Fairies Wing by archiesg16
Fairies Wingby archiesg16
During the search of Igneel, Natsu and Happy met a Celestial Wizard name Lucy. After helping her out, they took her to the Fairy Tail guild where she meets new friends a...
  • gray
  • sabertooth
  • lucy
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The Lost Wolf Princess by Just_Obsessed
The Lost Wolf Princessby Brooke
Blue Rose Mystic is a mystey. No one knows where she belongs. Who is she really? To find out, read this unique, fantasy story that will pull you into Rose's world. Pleas...
  • warrior
  • love
  • fight
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Meow ||Cake Hybrid by sneaky_ninja
Meow ||Cake Hybridby Niamh Amelia
Luke is a tiger hybrid. Nobody in the band knew. He can't risk his secret coming out. Especially when hybrids are hunted for throughout the world. All Rights Reserved ©
  • lukehemmings
  • cake
  • sneakyninja
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My Tiger love [Discontinued] by Bluenight456
My Tiger love [Discontinued]by Bluenight456
Sandra lived in Ohio for almost her whole life. she is twenty one years old and lives in a small house alone and she was a Tiger lover as she wish to have one but they...
  • tigers
  • romance
  • action
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Just Two Words by MovingWater123
Just Two Wordsby MovingWater123
*1st Book is Just One Word* It was miserable. Truly, it was. I'm not lying, either. Think about it. A fourteen year old, son of the Avengers, King of the Tigers, Princ...
  • percyjackson
  • depression
  • tigers
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Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!!!!! by cUtiE0502sEcRet
Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was...by sue
  • bush
  • lust
  • room
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The Last? (Naruto Fan Fic) by alanaobsidian
The Last? (Naruto Fan Fic)by alana
If you were the last known member of your clan...what would you do? Konishi Yuki is the one and only Yuki in and around her village. Her clan, originally from the Mist...
  • kakashi
  • ice
  • memories
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Slayers' Season (SABERTOOTH EDITION!!!) by Hopliln
Slayers' Season (SABERTOOTH EDITIO...by Eddie Jack
OK so we know how slayer season is for fairy tail... But what about Sabertooth? Read to find out how this will go!!! Disclaimer:I don't own Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima do...
  • rouge
  • stingyu
  • sting
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