You ask, We answer Chapter

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Here’s another special chapter wherein we answer question coming from people here. The questions are from @MaituMurali.

1.       How will u know if a guy is genuinely interested in you or simply he's simply playing with you?!

Rafa: A guy will do anything for a girl that he is genuinely interested with. By “anything” I mean anything (wiggling eyebrows). You can see him do things that he never does with anyone. If I am to be serious with a girl, I’ll let you feel special. I flirt a lot yes, but when it comes to someone I like, you can really see and feel the big difference. Especially on “performance level” you know what I mean ;)

[Luca: Believe it or not this guy is an asshole. But I have to say, he treats a girl with Tender, Loving and Care.]

[Troy: We trained him well. Although we failed at controlling his horny hormones Tsk!]

[Rafa: Yeah, talk like I’m not here apes!]  

Luca: He’s serious on you if you see him do things to you that he never has done to other girls around him. Say, you invited him to go with you to the mall and shop, we know a guy hates to stay and shop at malls. But he’ll stick around and be patient enough to accompany you.  You can also determine it by the way he looks at you and the way he talks to you.

[Rafa: I think there’s a reason now why girls call you girly names, coz you got that soft spot dude!]

Troy: Simple, observe and compare. The way he looks at you. The way he talks to you. And the things he can do for you.

[Luca: Short but to the point.]

[Troy: That’s how Einstein’s Jr. thinks.]

[Rafa: Cocky genes leveling-up.]

[Troy & Luca: Look who’s talking?]

2.       If you have feelings for someone and he's completely oblivious about the girls feelings towards him, should the girl just let it go or should she drop hints?

Rafa: Two options. Option A: If I am stranger, like we’re not close. I guess giving me hints might help me understand what you feel towards me. Option B: If we are friends, a hint would be helpful too. But sometimes, some guys try to pretend not to know your feelings towards them and ignore it since they don’t want to ruin the friendship. But if you really want to know he’s feelings towards you, confess. Just be ready for the consequences afterwards.

[Luca: Nailed!]

[Troy: Wholesome!]

Luca: It would depend on what type of guy you like. Some guys who are insensitive. Even if you give them hints, won’t really get it. So the best way is to tell him what you really feel. There are guys who are sensitive but sometimes pretend to be oblivious. You can interpret this by; A. they don’t like you and ignores your feelings and the only thing they can give you is friendship. B. they know how you feel towards them, but too afraid to recognize it since they don’t want to ruin the friendship. C. they like you too but afraid of the risk of losing you and the friendship you have. Give the guy some hints, just hints. See how he responds to it and from there you’ll know what to do next.

[Rafa: O_O kroo.. kroo..]

[Troy:  …..]

[Luca: What?!]

Troy: Give him some hints. But be informed that some guys would only know or understand what you want when you tell them exactly what you really want or your intentions from them. Just keep your feet on the ground and don’t expect too much if you’re to confess what you feel. Remember reality bites. So be prepared to bite it back! Rock on!

[Rafa: Just when I thought you were fucking serious about it.]

[Luca: Ruining the serious mood with the last two ahaha!]

[Troy: I know I made sense. Too seriousness can kill.]


To @MaituMurali we are sorry for the late answer to your question. We hope you understand where we’re coming from. We tried our very best to help you solve the inquiries that guys give you. We hope we were able to answer everything.

To our dear readers thank you very much for your support. We have reached a 500+ reads! You all are awesome like that! Smoking! I do hope you will still be entertained to our next posts. And we hope you vote too! ;)

For the readers who gave us questions, please have the patience. Mark our word that we will answer them all. We don’t want to disappoint you :)

Thanks again! Signing out Troy, Rafa, & Luca :D

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