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Pen Your Pride

Epilogue Two

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All I can say, is that I really hope it was worth all the waiting, and I've only just finished this, so don't think I've been keeping it from you!


Enjoy this final chapter! xo


Epilogue 2; 

Three years on, almost exactly to the date, many things have happened. Today, in fact, is the day that Abby and Zayn would be getting married. Ella and Niall had gotten married around a year before, at Disneyland. Now Ella was pregnant, and literally about to pop any day now. Lina and Liam were living together.

Abby looked in the mirror, giving herself a once over. Her simple, strapless white dress flowed down to the floor, trailing behind her. She glanced over and saw Lina and Ella standing a little away, in purple dresses, with black sashes. Ella’s stomach stuck out from the dress, which she was currently complaining about.

“This dress makes me look so fat!” she grumbled under her breath.

“The dress doesn’t make you look fat, your baby does,” said Lina just as quietly. Abby let out a small laugh at the two of them. 

“You ready for this, Abby?” Lina asked.

“Yep,” said Abby, smiling widely.

“You sure about this now? No going back?” said Ella jokingly.

“You’re right, maybe I should run while I can,” Abby laughed with Lina and Ella.

“Well, I believe it is time,” said Lina, leading the way out of the house, and heading towards the car. 

“In,” Ella said, opening the door for Abby, “Wait wait! We forgot the flowers!” and Lina ran back in to grab them. She ran back out, and jumped into the car, where they headed to the venue, where the ceremony would be held. 

When they arrived, they took in the sight. The small meadow had been completely decorated for the wedding, surrounded by the trees. 

“You guys wait here, I’ll be checking to make sure your man didn’t leave like he should have,” Lina said, winking and walking off to find Zayn and the rest of the boys. 

Finally, after Lina had come back, assuring that Zayn was still there, the music started playing, and the girls lined up. The acoustic guitar music signaled for Ella to walk forward first, then Lina walked after her. 

Abby took a final deep breath, before heading down the isle. She almost stopped, just to take in the sight. Rows of white chairs, decorated with brown and purple ribbons, lined on either side of a long white carpet. It was exactly how she wanted it. Her eyes scanned from the scenery, to faces of people she loved, to Ed Sheeran playing the guitar on the side, and finally, to Zayn.

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